Wave Surfing
In Maldives Rocks!

Some of the best wave surfing in Maldives can be found in the North Malé atoll.

We’ve put together a list of some of the popular breaks that you might choose for your wave surfing in Maldives vacation!

From Chickens to Jailbreaks, even the names sound like you should be out there having fun.

These surf points offer a good mix for both the beginner and veteran surfer. Charter boats or the resorts themselves arrange access, leaving you more time to ride waves!

In no particular order here are your wave surfing in Maldives hotspots!

Chickens: Villingilimathi Huraa, an uninhabited island in the North Malé Atoll. You’ll need speed. A good left-hander that has two sections. But watch out, conditions must be perfect for a truly awesome ride. Access is by boat.

Cokes: Thulusdhoo, North Malé Atoll. Good wave tube surfing. A pretty steep takeoff, that opens up as you go. Best surfed mid to high tide however it can be worked in winds from any direction west to north. Access is also by boat.

Wave Surfing in Maldives 01

Lohis: Lohifushi Island Resort (Huduranfushi) on the North Malé Atoll. A resort based ride with the resort also providing access. Two sections again and like Chickens, a left-hander. Best during northwest to northeast offshore winds.

Ninja: Kanifinolhu Resort on the North Malé Atoll. Popular with the Japanese hence the name.

This one is suitable for beginners and long-boarders as it’s a slow right hand. Mind the swells on this one as they can spoil what is otherwise a sweet ride.

Sultans: Dhonveli Beach Resort on the North Malé Atoll. Before I say anything, this great ride is reserved for the exclusive use of the resort guests.

It’s a long, long left and always consistent, more than the others. It’s also accessible from the shore. If you're a beginner at wave surfing in the Maldives, then this one is a really good ride.

Honkys: Thamburudhoo an uninhabited island on the North Malé Atoll.

Check it out you wave surfing Maldives aficionados, a beautiful long right-hander. A wave which never closes out, even on the biggest swells.

The take-off is a steep outside peak called 'Phantoms', which slingshots into a very long, walled, super fast section called the 'Pinnacles'.

Described at times succinctly as ‘insane’. What a great wave! Surfing in Maldives truly rocks! Access for this wicked one is by boat.

Tomb Stones: Thamburudhoo an uninhabited island adjacent to Sultans on the North Malé Atoll. A left-hander, long like a big yawn. It starts small and builds in size and intensity as it wraps itself around the island.

If you catch a six foot wave on the take-off, it will probably end up boosted to eight feet on the end section. Again for this ride access is by charter boat. This is popular and recommended by the local surfers for beginners.

Malé Island Point: Full Moon Beach Resort, Furana Fushi on the North Malé Atoll. A Long sweet right-hander used best on a south to west offshore wind. Will generally only break on a big swell.

Gurus: Malé, the capital. On the southern tip of North Malé Atoll. Loved by the locals and seething with surfboards and boogie boards it has a couple of shifting peaks for everyone. I don’t need to say that this one is accessible from the shore.

Twin Peaks: Miyaru Faru near the island of Gulhi on the South Malé Atoll. The higher the tide the better for this one. It can be picky, but the swell build up is the best around on the south atoll breaks. You’ll need a boat to take advantage of this one.

Quarters: Gulhigaathuhuraa, an uninhabited island nestling next to Palm Tree Island Resort. If you want a bit of pace then this is a sweet tight fast little right-hander that picks up less swell than most other places.

Wave Surfing In Maldives 02

Kates: Boduhuraa Resort Island near the Palm Tree Island Resort on South Malé Atoll. A small short left.

Natives: Kandooma Resort, on the North Malé Atoll. A short right, requiring a big swell. Not a bad wave for surfing in the Maldives.

Riptides: Guraidhoo an inhabited Island on the South Malé Atoll. Lays claim to being one of the best waves around and a fast right hander that’s a rocket when caught well. Watch out for the currents though, they are strong enough to keep you swimming like a dolphin! Charter vessels will give you access.

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One of the finest surf experiences the Maldives can give you is boogie boarding in the afternoon until the sky hints at becoming crimson and the sun dissolves into the horizon like orange fire.

To arrive ashore and wander off to relax in your bungalow then stride, tanned and energised for a cool drink and dinner is really what wave surfing in Maldives is all about…

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