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So we’ve talked all about fabulous Maldives holidays, the varied and exclusive villas in the Maldives, the powder soft sands and the luscious vegetation…

Er well OK, we haven’t quite talked about Maldives villas so far but here’s the place where we will.

We’re going to go deep undercover to tell you all about the accommodation in the Maldives, what you can expect,, how they’re arrange and even how many people can fit in a villa…

You’d be surprised!

A Villa By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Sweet

Phil would attest to the fact that when I first read about rooms in the Maldives being described as bungalows and villas I was certain that we’d end up in a 12 storey hotel building or a Bognor Regis style retirement home somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean… needless to say; I was wrong. Oh boy... Hugely wrong.

You’ll read about Maldives rooms being referred to as bungalows or villas often with the prefix of water, beach, Jacuzzi, or land. The main thing to remember is that all these descriptions pretty much mean the same thing when describing Maldives accommodation.

Villas In The Maldives 01 Courtesy of Soneva Gili

When any of the Maldives' villas do differ from the rest, that resort will make a hullabaloo of telling you about it!

For example Soneval Gili will go to great lengths to explain that their Robinson Crusoe Villas are over two floors and are spacious self contained apartments with small kitchenettes.

When Cocoa Island resort tells you that their villas are in fact purpose built boats (Dhonis) sat out on the water that is exactly what they mean. They have to be seen to be appreciated and, for villas in the Maldives, are a real classy twist on just having four walls!

When Equator Village describes its rooms as being in a hotel building, in a traditional looking two storey building where you’ll either have a terrace or a balcony, they aren’t being cute, that is exactly what they mean as Gan was a former Royal Naval and Air force Base.

So, if you remember nothing else, remember that villas in the Maldives are the same whether they’re called bungalows, hotel rooms, superior apartments or indeed villas.

Villas in the Maldives Vs. Mediterranean Villas

You’ve probably been to several sites that refer to rooms as “villas” and have conjured visions of pristine white Mediterranean villas over several floors with cool terracotta coloured tiles… Phil and I would suggest that you scrap those visions as villas in the Maldives has something much more dynamic in store!

For starters you'll find that Maldives accommodation tends to be on the ground or on stilts over the water and aren’t attached to any other villa or room so immediately you feel the privacy and exclusivity that makes the Maldives so attractive.

Villas In The Maldives 02 Courtesy if Soneva Gili

Villas in the Maldives are mainly made of wood locally sourced, hand carved by islanders and sometimes finished with hand skimmed plaster for a clean contemporary look.

Villas in the Maldives also come with thatched roofs that lend to the romantic desert island feel of the Maldives… and just to add some finesse, the bungalows also come as round hut like rooms as well as large square like rooms... You choose!

Self catering accommodation in the Maldives is rare. Rare as the temperature falling below 25 degrees... Unlike the Mediterranean where you’d book a villa with separate living, sleeping and cooking spaces the Maldives bungalows usually have one large living/sleeping space and an en suite.
There are only a few resorts like Soneva Gili that offer separate living/sleeping spaces perhaps with a kitchenette but this isn't really self catering.

I mean think about it – you’re on a desert island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, you can’t really jump into your Maldives hire car and nip to the local shops for provisions! There aren’t any cars on the Maldives and the gift shops don’t stock items like eggs, ham and bread…

…So if you’re looking for a self catering holiday in the Maldives, think about it again as only a few places offer small kitchenettes and there are no means to shop for supplies.

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A Word To The Wise…

If you’re
after a Jacuzzi or a plunge pool or an outdoor shower, make sure you verify this before you travel.

Just because Kuredu Island resort is known for Jacuzzi villas, that doesn’t mean that every villa comes with a Jacuzzi – just as villas in the Maldives are varied, villas on any one island are often varied too, so check before you book.

The burning questions about, how many people fit into a villa and whether you get a TV or air conditioning are still be answered, to find this out along with whether you can have a private beach with your villa, click here.

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