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Under The Thatched Roofs…

The burning question for us was what do you get with villas in the Maldives? How modern are they?

To answer this question (and a dozen others!), we've put together a Maldives accommodation top tip page or you can glance at any of our resort pages to find out that rooms have facilities like...

Refrigerators, air conditioning systems, writing desks, en suites, closets or wardrobes, dressing tables (yes ladies, with mirrors) and many have hair dryers too...

As the thought of fizzy hair on holiday sends shivers down Charley's spine, she always take her own hair dryer and ceramic straighteners with her!

The vast majority of rooms in villas in the Maldives have digital safes and where they don’t, reception will have a room stacked full of security boxes for you to keep your most important items like passports or other travel documents.

One thing we have found with Villas in the Maldives, is that it's very much “no news, no shoes” which more often than not means no televisions. There are a few resorts offering LCD TVs with DVD players but these are mainly 5 star luxury resorts.

Villas In The Maldives 03 courtesy of Soneva Gili

“What about the furnishing?” I hear you ask. Well the fixtures and fittings of your Maldives villa, largely depends on two things; The resort you choose and The grade of room.

On an island like Taj Exotica – a five star resort – all the rooms are plush. Beautiful framed pictures, four poster beds, his and hers basins and day beds with vibrantly coloured scattered cushions bedeck these villas in the Maldives.

The ubiquitous Soneva Gili offers separate living and sleeping spaces as well as dining area, but this is not common in the Maldives.

If you choose a budget resort like Kuramathi , the furniture will be simpler, noticeably in the standard rooms.

Don’t get us wrong, they won’t be sterile, but instead of a four poster bed, there’ll be an ordinary double bed with decorative headboard.

The pictures though pretty will not be framed in hand carved wood and yes folks, couples will have to fight for the single basin each time you want to brush your teeth!

How Many Kinds of Villas In The Maldives Are There?

The simple answer to this is “Your guess is as good as ours!” OK, OK we jest, but this is partly true. Accommodation in the Maldives is either on land or over the water on stilts, so you’ll either be staying in a land bungalow or a water bungalow.

villas in the Maldives 04

The two controlled variables are land and water, beyond that; the multifarious rooms you can get in the Maldives are limited only by the imagination of the architects and boy they've got imagination as you'll have seen from some of the pictures of villas in the Maldives!!

Villas in the Maldives come in all shapes and sizes from... Jacuzzi villas, O villas, Robinson Crusoe villas, villas with private gardens, villas with outdoor showers, villas with private plunge pools, villas with terraces, villas on the beach front, villas set back on the islands, villas within five metres of each other and villas within 300 metres of each other accessed only by motorboat.

What you can be sure of is that the arrangement of the villas in the Maldives is such that whether your neighbours are five or 300 metres away, you’ll never feel crowded. The land bungalows are often in a zigzag formation so you can’t actually see your neighbours when you’re on your terrace and the water bungalows with private plunge pools are closed off so your neighbours can’t see you.

What you can also be sure of is that many of the accommodation in the Maldives is suitable for wheelchair access and ramps can be fitted to entrances to rooms if there are steps.

Villas In The Maldives 05 courtesy of Soneva Gili

Your Own Private Beach Bungalow

We wanted to set the record straight as this can be confusing. We’ve been to resorts where you step from your villa onto the beach and resorts where you are set back from the beach among lush hanging foliage, but be warned...

Only a few five star resorts actually offer you an exclusive private beach area that cannot be walked across by other holiday makers.

What we’re trying to say is just because your bungalow is beach front, don’t think it means that particular part of the beach “belongs” to you… and just in case you’re worrying don’t; the islands are never overcrowded so the only thoroughfares will be reception, the bars, the dive centres and the restaurants!

How Many People Can Fit Into The Villas In The Maldives?

Quite a few, but that’s a topic for the Guinness Book of Records… OK, no more jokes from Charley. The villas usually sleep up to three adults and some resorts allow you to ask for extra cots if you’re travelling with more than one child so a family of four can easily travel to the Maldives.

Some of the more luxurious resorts even have adjoining suites and presidential suites that sleep up to six people. Party time!

What does it all mean for you?

It means that your holiday in the Maldives will be private, secluded, have an air of exclusivity surrounding it; and will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed when you return home...

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... And we all return home at some point, even though most of us can't bear to leave!

You’ll be able to meet and mix with other guests as little or as much as you’d like in your villas in the Maldives...

... But you won’t hear your neighbours using the bathroom at 3 AM in the morning... Instead from your villa in the Maldives you’ll hear the gentle lapping of the Indian Ocean on the shores and the sweeping palms whispering in the night.

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Enjoy the Villas in the Maldives!

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