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Looking for travel advice on the Maldives that includes financial tips? Look no further!

This is The Complete Maldives Holiday Guide tips for economic prudence before, during and after your Maldives Vacation.

Can’t believe I just wrote that! Give me a sniff of a way to spend my hard earned money and I’m there at the front of the queue waiting to hand it over.

Charley will tell you that months - years of house training have finally converted me to somewhere between the financial exuberance of Elton John and the scrupulous saving skills of my grandmother during the Second World War.

I suppose what I’m saying - just between you and me… is that I never expected to be able to travel somewhere like The Maldives. I never imagined being in a position to explore the islands and atolls I had only ever seen in photos and galleries. Yes ok, I have done the backpacker’s route and spent a year trawling Africa and Asia but that was – as I’m sure many of you know – on a very short shoestring! Yes, Spain for a week’s sunbathing on the Costa Brava but the luxurious Maldives? Nope!

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But now, with a little bit of travel advice for the Maldives and some planning I manage quite nicely to holiday in these exclusive tropics without worrying that it’s going to break the bank. Of course the simple response to all this is… so what?! You only live once, so what are you waiting for? Spend it all now!

The reality as we know it, isn't quite that simple. In films and commercials the holidaymakers magically appear on the white sandy beach of their tropical island resort. We didn’t see them over-pay on the mortgage for ten months or go without a Friday night out for 6 months… It’s generally not going to happen like the movies for you and I; so plan ahead, be diligent, conserve some funds on a regular basis and get your gorgeous self out on that Maldives vacation of a lifetime.

With this in mind read on for some salient tips and travel advice for the Maldives on managing all that finance ‘stuff’ and make sure you get the most financially out of your wonderful Maldives holiday.

Pre Holiday financial tips

• Don’t forget to include those hidden costs such as: visas, suntan lotion, immunisations, swimwear, medication, sunglasses, car rental, camera film etc when budgeting for your holiday.

• Set a budget and be realistic. There’s no point thinking you won’t spend a bean when you know you’d love to scuba dive or take your PADI out there. If you’ve got the funds, then include this in your budget.

• Check the different exchange rates that are on offer and any charges you may have to pay.

• Pack carefully for the Maldives tropical island climate. This means buy before you go! Draw up a list. Check what you have left over from last year’s trip. It’s usually cheaper to buy flip flops and sarongs from the high street than it is at the airport, even though they're duty free.

• Plan payment of any bills you may have coming; you don’t want to incur charges on outstanding credit cards whilst on holiday.

The best advice would be to begin your finance planning early; you can use our travel and advice tips for the Maldives as a starting point.

Holiday financial tips

• Keep track of your spending. This will generally mean asking the front desk for a running total of your expenditure. Just ask! It keeps you in the picture on what you're spending.

• In the Maldives you will be using the good old US dollar – the actual currency is the Rufiya – but everything is charged in US dollars. Become familiar with it because US notes tend to look the same.

• If you’re planning on using your credit card out there then familiarise yourself with the exchange rates. If in doubt, save the exchange rate in your mobile phone and use your mobile phone calculator. And another tip, many banks charge for using your card internationally, so find out before you go.

• Keep your passport and valuables in a safe place. Carry copies of your passport and credit cards.

Post holiday financial tips

• Getting your post holiday credit card bill can be unnerving. But if you’ve kept track of your spending it shouldn’t faze you. Create your own payment plan, and be realistic about how much you can pay back on a monthly basis.

• Many of us never stick to the budget that we’ve made up. So, jot down what you spent this time around, and keep this travel advice for the Maldives in mind when planning your Maldives island holiday.

Remember, these are just our tips. We're not financial gurus from the city. It's simply the mission of this site to share our knowledge to ensure you have peaceful fun-loving all-singing all-dancing tropical extravaganza of a holiday in the Maldives!

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