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Tourism in the Maldives is the biggest industry for the country. Tourism is defined as the practice of travelling for pleasure and the business of providing tours and services.

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Tourism on these islands arrived late on the holiday scene. Back in the 1960’s a UN report said that none of the 1,100 islands were suitable for tourism so the story goes…!

By the 1970’s they had begun their transformation from cocoon to butterfly and Maldives holiday resorts took flight. There are now 89 tourist specific islands and the number is growing.

Apparently,we have the Italians to thank for letting the world know about the Maldives – Molte grazie! As adventurous visitors reef diving around the islands, they saw the potential of the unspoiled marine rich lagoons and white sandy beaches.

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The Maldives tourist board carefully monitors and assists tourism and the continued steady expansion of this industry. The Maldives Government believes that half a million tourists a year and a growth rate of about 8% is sustainable.

The Maldives do tourism the way the Spanish do tortilla: like an art form! The excellent service, style of resort, facilities and unrivalled surroundings are standards the Maldives depend upon to place itself amongst the best tourist destinations in the world.

Now with new resorts being built (including expanding the airport in Gan on the Addu atoll for international flights) there is greater consideration and understanding of the environment of the Maldives and the impact tourism is having.

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Because tourism in the Maldives is both established and recognised, you can holiday there with confidence. What the Maldivians don’t know about tourism you could write on the back of a stamp! So enjoy the weather, enjoy the lush landscape and soft white sands.

.... and speaking of white sands...

Did you know that all maldives villas, bungalows and studio rooms must face the beach and have 5 metres of beach line allocated to them?

What are you waiting for...
sample the delights of tourism in the Maldives now! Though not entirely new news for some. Those of you visiting the Maldives for the first time can look forward to the expansion of tourism in the Maldives with future island developments....

There are 35 new islands to be released for tourist resort development over a phased period. At present the talk is that 20 islands are selected for bids and the other 15 islands built by a public company for tourism development.

Charley and I will forage about and dig up all we can on when and where this happens. Dates, times and reports have a habit of changing constantly!

There is also talk of the first tourist hotels to be built on inhabited islands. This is a departure from current policy within the Maldives and we will watch with keen interest any movement on this. Apparently this resort could be built on Addu and also another planned for a neighbouring atoll down in the south of the islands.

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Go on... enjoy being a tourist in the Maldives!

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