Let's Scuba
Maldives Style...!

So why scuba in the Maldives? Well we’ll tell you two great reasons why a scuba diving holiday in the Maldives beats other diving destinations.

The Reefs

There are some of the most magnificent reef systems in the world and this is the number one reason to scuba, Maldives style.

Now without wanting to get all scientific, there are some scientific theories… I suppose we are getting all scientific, aren’t we?

OK, so scientists think that the coral reefs in the Maldives originate from volcanic eruptions…

So when you’re flying low on your Maldives seaplane transfer and look down at what appear to be sunken islands with lagoons, you are in fact looking at the tops of those volcanoes that erupted and caused coral reefs to form.

Scuba Maldives 01 thanks Neil see travel links

Yes folks, those volcanoes are indeed a submarine mountain range called the Chagos-Laccadive Plateau which houses some of the most complex reef systems in the world.

So the first reason to scuba in the Maldives is because there are over 2,000 coral reefs within the 26 or so atolls. These reefs are filled with living coral that harbour a vast range of marine life...

An absolute treat for divers. But wait, there’s more…

There are sand bars (you’ve seen the pics on this site) and coral outcrops which tantalise even the most experienced of divers.

When you scuba in the Maldives, you’ll notice that these reefs and atolls aren’t just pretty, they're pretty functional too (did you see what we did there? OK enough word play Charley...).

Combined they provide ecosystems for hundreds of species of aquatic life. And when you scuba in the Maldives you’ll realise that just snorkelling only scratches the surface of the Maldivian marine world.

The Fish

The fish are awesome, so scuba Maldives. OK, OK, I’ll expand on that point…

The fish are really awesome, the most colourful and wonderfully shaped fish you’ll find anywhere on the globe or should that be under the globe since they’re under water…

We’d go so far as to say that the fish are one of the biggest attractions in the Maldives and schools and shoals of fish patrol the reef in shifting shapes and colour.

You’ll find fish like the curiously named Harlequin Sweetlips and Yellowback Fusiliers, to Humpback and Snappers and amidst all of the playful names you’ll find Batfish and Unicornfish.

Scuba Maldives 02

But if that sounds a bit too playful for you then you’ll be pleased to know that there are larger residents in these here Maldives parts. You’ll come across rays, sharks, whale-sharks and you may even spot a dolphin or two.

When you hit the waters and scuba in the Maldives you enter into a silent world that is unlike anything you experience on land.

We’re not big on superlatives, but you really will be mesmerised by the tropical world beneath the sea, the colours and the shapes… But that world does make for great photographs!

OK we couldn’t leave the page without mentioning the water… You’ll have read many sites that describe the water as crystal clear or azure and the pictures on this site should tell you why.

It’s an indescribable feeling when stepping from a beach bungalow onto the beach and standing at the water’s edge looking into the deep beautiful blue. It’s breathtaking in its expansive and awe inspiring beauty.

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So go on and scuba, Maldives style…!

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