Maldives Weather,
Always Hot
And Sometimes Wet!

Maldives weather can be summed up in two words. HOT and WET.

Yep that’s it. Remember these two facts and you won’t be disappointed.

OK, kidding perhaps a few more words would help…


That’s really all the Maldives weather information you are going to need!

The Maldives is distinctive in that its year round daytime temperature is about 30 degrees and its year round night time temperature is 25 degrees.

So if you're wondering when the best time to visit the Maldives is, it's therefore anytime!You know you’re going to tan and you can leave that raincoat in the cupboard (and the socks the shoes too for that matter: sand gets everywhere).

"What are the driest months?" You ask. Typically November to April – but we’ve been there in May and not seen a drop in 14 days!

The great thing about the Maldives is that there’s an average of 8 hours sunshine a day in 12 hours of daylight, every day. No long overcast days for you on your Maldives bargain holiday!

Maldives 10 day forecast

This is as overcast as it gets...

...With that sunshine is a high UV rating...

So make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and a large floppy hat then sit back and enjoy the warmth…

The Maldives climate is tropical. Just because it’s hot and all the brochures and photo’s show you clear blue skies doesn’t mean it’s not going to cloud over.

Remember it’s the tropics! Heat and humidity is generally going to be high. It’s why all the villas and bungalows have air conditioning!

As tiny scattered islands the Maldives doesn’t produce its own weather conditions like continents. It simply experiences the prevailing weather conditions.

Think of it this way; being a Maldives Island in the Indian Ocean is pretty much like being a pancake on a football pitch: Insignificant in the big oceanic scheme of things.

If a weather front is going to roll your way, it’s sure as eggs are eggs going to do just that. No mountains to stop it.

But the sun… Well that just shines day after day and we just love the sun!

Best time to visit maldives

So you can’t accurately predict the weather in The Maldives beyond a few days and even then it’s often wrong. The locals can’t get it right either...

I recall a conversation with a grizzled fisherman, telling me that the clouds would clear in two days: Half an hour later beautiful sunshine and nothing else for the rest of the trip!

"Can I get a 10 day Maldives weather forecast?" I hear you cry! No, sorry you can’t. Yes there are indications from the climate average but all you can be safe with is a report that tells you what the current Maldives weather and forecast for Malé is. I know what you’re thinking, by then it will be too late and you’ll be on the beach!

So if the weather looks like it’s going to change then there’s nothing more stimulating to the senses than surfacing from a dive to find rain cascading down on you.

If you’re on a romantic Maldives honeymoon then simply enjoy the ambience of your bungalow until the shower is over.

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There’s nothing like sitting at the bar watching a rain front drift across a nearby island shrouding it from view before coming ashore and pelting the thatch above you with large warm drops.

The sound of rain in the tropics is somehow soothing and it can be a welcome break from the heat of the sun.

This is the equator, so it’s hotter than you may have experienced. This though is unusual. More often it can rain at night or, if it’s during the day, the bursts are short and sharp.

That's the enigmatic Maldives weather for you!

It doesn’t make The Maldives holiday you dreamed of any less wonderful. Book a break at the "Parched Hotel" in the Sahara Desert if you want a guaranteed rain free holiday!

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