Maldives Visa
The Ins And Outs

There are a few select individuals that don’t need a Maldives visa to enter the country, so if you fancy yourself a Diplomat or part of UN Convention then read no further.

But those who are yet to reach the dizzy heights of diplomatic immunity needn’t worry.

Aside from a few basic requirements, once you land in Malé, getting a Maldives visa is easy peasy.

What are the few basic requirements?

A 30-day visa - which is free - is issued to all nationalities as long as you…

• Have a valid passport

• Have a valid ticket to continue the journey out of the Maldives (so don’t try booking a one way ticket to the Maldives to start a new life!)

• Have any necessary visas for the onward journey to the next destination if you aren’t just returning home after your holiday.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. But wait. Sometimes additional information is also required before you can be issued with a Maldivian visa. So it’s always best to make sure you have the following:

• Enough money to cover your expenses during your holiday (at least $30 - $50 per day)


• A confirmation of your reservation on a tourist resort or hotel

We’ve never been asked for the last two, but this is the ‘official’ line so it’s always best to make sure you have at least one of them just in case you’re asked.

So when the smiling flight attendant comes up to you during the flight and asks you to fill out a form and questionnaire, it’s not a customer feedback form so don’t throw it away. It’s actually the visa application that will be used to issue your Maldives visa when you land in Malé…

…So sit up, wake up and fumble for the pen as you’ll need it to fill it out the form before you arrive at the customs hall. It has two main sections for you to complete; one for coming into the country and one for when leaving the country. It is crucial these are completed correctly.

With that done, you get a lovely stamp in your passport.

30 days… hmm what if you wanted to stay longer? Then you can apply for a renewal of your tourist visa through the Visa Extension Application Form. And remember, you have to apply for the extension before your current visa runs out.

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How long can you extend your Maldives visa for?

60 days.

This means that the longest you could stay in the Maldives is 90 days.

But wait, there’s more...

To obtain an extension, you’ll have to prove you have the financial resources to stay in the Maldives.

Will it cost?

You betcha. There is a flat fee for a visa extension in the Maldives, for the full extension or part thereof. Currently there is a charge of about $100 but this is subject to change so check the details before you apply.

Hmm… can they refuse to give you a visa…?

Customs can issue your visa for fewer than 30 days at their own discretion, but worry not, they rarely ever do this… of course if you bring in prohibited products into the Maldives, this might be a reason to refuse a visa, you can check out the list of prohibited products on our Customs page.

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See? Getting your Maldives visa really is easy peasy. Now you’ve sorted that out, you can get back to more important holiday concerns... like swimwear!

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