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OK, so you’ve heard of the Maldives but really don’t know anything about it. Well our Maldives travel guide is here to give you the basics on this group of exotic islands in the Indian Ocean.

We get a lot of questions about the Maldives, what to pack, when to go, when to book, how long it takes to get there and so we thought we’d put some of that information in one place for those of you who prefer the word “guide” to “information”.

So let’s start our guide with the basics…

Maldives Travel Guide... Visas

You don’t need to organise a visa before you travel to the Maldives. 30 day visas are issued free on arrival in the Maldives. You will however need to make sure that your travel itinerary is in order (translation – customs will want to know when you plan to leave!) so make sure you have this to hand. If you want know more about Maldives visas and visa extensions, click here.

Maldives Travel Guide... Currency

The currency in the Maldives is the Rufiyah but you don’t need to worry about finding a bureau de change for that as the US dollar is the currency of choice for Maldives resorts – some are now even accepting Euros and Pound Sterling.

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In the main travellers’ cheques and credit cards are accepted at the vast majority of resorts but beware the sharp fees that go with using cards.

It’s always handy to have dollars available for tipping , but if you’re not planning to go all inclusive it’s important to plan how much money to take. To learn more about the currency in the Maldives, click here.

What To Bring To The Maldives

Our Maldives travel guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a few basics to bring with you on your fabulous holiday, so here are some essentials:

• Sunscreen (high spf) – these are available on resorts but can be expensive

• Moisturising Lotion

• Insect Repellent – there can be mosquitoes if it’s been humid

• Sunglasses & hats for shade from the sun

• Bathing suits and light cotton clothing – see our Maldives clothing page for more info • Credit Card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, and Eurocard are accepted)US dollars

• Personal diving or snorkelling equipment (resorts will have these to buy and rent but if you prefer to bring your own, go for it!)

Maldives Travel Guide 02

What Not To Bring To The Maldives

Our Maldives travel guide on what to bring wouldn’t be complete without telling you what not to bring. There are a range of items that are expressly prohibited from being brought into the Maldives and these include:• Any pork based products

• Religious items of any kind

• Pornography

These items will be confiscated and in some instances action is taken against tourists who do this, if you’re curious to know more about these rules, click here.

Maldives Travel Guide... Health

Everyone seems to ask what vaccinations to get. There’s general guidance about Hepatitis A and Typhoid which you can learn about here Malé has two hospitals and all resorts have first aid facilities.

A large number resorts have their own medical centre and/or a doctor – diving resorts often have decompression chambers. So should graze yourself on coral while snorkelling (like Charley did!) then you can see the doctor.

We always take a small first aid kit as we’ve found that simple bandages and plasters can cost about 30 US dollars!

It’s for this reason that it’s an idea to organise travel insurance before you go, especially if you intend to dive or surf extensive and, you can learn about travel insurance for the Maldives here.

So there you have it. A mini Maldives travel guide in a nutshell.

But if you’ve other questions you haven’t found the answer to, why not use the search bar at the bottom of the page or better still, drop us a line and we’ll be sure to fill you in!

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