Maldives Travel Agents
Really Are Special Agents!

So, Maldives travel agents, who and what are they?

As you can imagine, hundreds of tour operators will try and sell you the Maldives dream vacation.

They’ll be bursting to tell you of the services they offer. Many though simply do not have the expertise and knowledge required of these beautiful tropical islands.

Question: How do you find a company you trust from the thousands out there?

Answer: Our Guide will show you what to look for when choosing a travel agent to book your Maldives vacation.

In some instances we may highlight a travel operator’s qualities when it comes to providing a specialist Maldives service and we may also make suggestions based on personal experience – remember, in the end this is your getaway so you choose!

Question: What is a Maldives travel agent?

Answer: They are a specialist travel agency. They do all the things that travel agents do in general but they have the added bonus of knowing the Maldives inside out

Their knowledge includes all there is to know about…

- resort destinations

- arranging transfers by boat and seaplane

- hotel accommodation

- food and drink

- atoll tours and cruises

and the list goes on….

Specialised Travel agents for the Maldives are also expected to give advice on things like weather conditions, customs and island attractions.

Most importantly your specialist Maldives travel agent should have been where you want to go!

You can ask them what the food is like from resort to resort, which water sports in the Maldives are available for free and which ones you pay for. They can tell you where to find the best beaches in the Maldives, where the best diving in the Maldives atolls is found, they can even tell you what bungalows give the best views of the sunrises and sunsets.

They’ll give you the answers to…

• Does the resort provide quality umbrellas if it rains?

• How can I find out if my resort arranges trips on a Glass Bottom Boat?

• Is there a swimming pool, a gym and a spa?

• Are there shopping trips, Scuba Diving and Snorkel Safari’s included in my vacation package?

• Does my room have a secure safe with a digital lock? (Ours did and it was great for popping the camera and watches into).

• Is there a hairdryer?

• Is the shower outside? (Yes, some resorts have walls to the shower but no roof. Phil loves it but I’m old school and like my shower placed firmly inside the bathroom)!

• Is there a bath?

• Will I have a choice of vegetarian food?

• When do I tip the staff if at all?

If your travel agent answers these questions then they are probably the specialist for you, or at the very least they qualify as one of the specialist Maldives travel agents you’re looking for.

When you find a company either through research or on recommendation don’t be afraid to call and ask them anything. They should be able to answer all (or at least most) of the above from experience alone.

We have previously booked some of our vacation packages with the following specialist travel agents for the Maldives. We loved our holidays and knew exactly what we were getting for the price.

In no particular order or preference: Kuoni, Hayes & Jarvis, Thomas Cook and Holidaysplease.

This group of Maldives Travel agents and operators will grow as we hear from you of the companies out there that have provided the excellent service and support you would expect from such a unique tropical destination.

Our growing online resort by resort guide will bring you this valuable information too. Between the Maldives travel agents you pick and our comprehensive Maldives travel guide we are sure you will have all the information needed to book your well deserved Maldives island vacation with confidence!

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