The Small But Growing
Maldives Population

You might be surprised to find that the Maldives population is around the 300,000 mark. Far higher than you’d think considering Maldivians only inhabit about 200 of the approximate 1,190 islands.

What’s more interesting is that Malé is one of the most densely populated cities on the planet with about 65,000 inhabitants... “Is that all?” I hear you snort. The answer is no that isn’t all, that’s 65,000 people on an island that you could walk around in it’s entirety in less than an hour… 45 minutes to be more precise.

That’s right folks even a place like London that crams in around 7 million people is beaten in the density stakes by the Maldives, well Malé anyway.

And whilst Phil and I absolutely love the Maldives, we know we’re only two of almost half a million tourists that flock to the Indian Ocean every year.

A Brief History and Future Lesson on the Maldives' Population

Based on the 1990 census, the Maldives’ population was 213,215 and due to a high birthrate during the mid 90s the population made it passed the 300,000 mark by the year 2000. It’s anticipated that the population will reach 400,000 by the year 2020… So that gives you a good few years of holidays in the Maldives before you begin to bump into your neighbours on the beach!

A Brief Present Lesson On The Maldives' Population

Census information also showed that the number of people on the 200 inhabited islands ranged from less than 200 people to islands that had more than 1000 people.

What this means for tourists is that unlike destinations like the Dominican Republic, unless you go to Malé you’re unlikely to just bump into the locals… unless of course you go to Equator Village and hire the bicycles to venture to the other neighbouring islands.

There you have it, the Maldives' population explained in less than three minutes but if it all seems a bit dry to you, let me say this...

The Maldives is a remarkable place, one moment you can be standing in Malé rubbing shoulders with the market traders enjoying the whirring hustle and bustle of the crowds and within 15 minutes you can be standing on an uninhabited island without another soul or island in sight, smack bang in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean… That, ladies and gentleman, is an awesome experience.

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