Maldives Pictures...
Lights, Camera, Action!

Maldives pictures that are striking can be simple.

Our Complete Maldives Holiday Guide recommends the following checks before you travel.

• Always keep your camera gear with you on the plane. Never put it in the hold of the aircraft

• Take a couple of large memory cards instead of just one

• Using rechargeable batteries? Remember an adaptor

• Take spare batteries anyway

• Remember your camera’s instruction book. Don’t think you won’t need or want information on exposures etc

• If you use a film camera the above also applies. Carry your films on board in a clear bag

• Always protect your camera from water, sand and sun (a zip lock bag does a good job at keeping the sand out). A small pack of dry silicon helps keep any moisture out too

• Keep your camera secure even when on the beach.

Now, go and capture images of the Maldives you’ll be proud of!

The digital SLR is all you need for great pictures. Check out their cameras online and on the high street. Phil gets his kit from Jessops (sadly gone now as of January 2013) Amazon and the High street companies. You can't go wrong with a basic SLR camera and tripod for superb honeymoon pictures.

Make sure that autofocus is standard on your new camera and if you decide on a tripod then have a go at manual shots utilising aperture etc

Maldives Full Moon

The Complete Maldives Holiday Guide recommends the following Photo Tips for taking the best pictures of the Maldives…

…..remember it's not the camera that takes a beautiful picture, it's you.

• The best light for taking pictures is early morning and late afternoon. The sun isn’t as strong and colours aren’t bleached out. Any painter will tell you that the true colours of your surroundings come alive at these times

• In bright sunlight always shoot with the sun behind you. A familiar refrain but one often ignored!

• Use a fill flash in bright sunlight to remove shadows from the face when sun is overhead or behind subject

• Check the area behind your subject. A plain background can emphasise your subject, a cluttered one can distract

• Try holding your camera at the subject’s eye level to capture the magic of the shot

• Experiment with turning your camera to the vertical to get alternative and interesting shots

• Like the Mona Lisa, make your subject the focus of the picture. Reframe the image whilst still depressing the shutter halfway

• If you want some variety, place your subject off centre

• Find out the range of your flash, check your manual! For most cameras this is about 4 meters. Beyond this your subject will be too dark.

Remember with digital you can see what you’ve taken, delete if you wish and try again…so don’t be afraid to experiment with taking your Maldives pictures

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