Maldives Island Resorts
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Are the best holiday resorts Maldives Island Resorts?

Yes they are. Charley and I have to take a stand at some point and we come down firmly on the side of the resorts in the Maldives being just the best vacation destination you could want anywhere.

We’ve heard of hotels being dedicated to their guests but these are whole islands devoted to you! This is the secret of resort success in the Maldives.

Island resorts are a fairly new idea to the Maldives. Kurumba Village was the first of the Maldives beach resorts to be built, opening in 1972. By the end of that year Bandos Island Resort opened and the Maldives resorts list was established. Nothing would be the same again…

The island resorts offer unrivalled seclusion, great natural beauty (apart from the wife of course!) and facilities to ensure - for your chosen type of island - that all is taken care of.

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Where else can you find… beautiful tropical islands with collectively hundreds of miles of white sand beaches specifically designed as Family Holiday resorts, Maldives Luxury hotels, resorts that help you celebrate your honeymoon, if you're a water baby, why not try Diving and Spa Resorts or perhaps try catching a break at one of the Surfing resorts, Business orientated resorts and Budget Holiday resorts?

There are even Maldives island resorts geared towards the businessman and woman… I’m guessing that being in a relaxed environment helps them work? So if you have to… sit in the Wi-Fi zone on your resort just in your bikini or swimming trunks and open your laptop to send a crucial e-mail before a spot of lunch. Oh that was difficult wasn’t it?

What all Maldives island resorts have in common is their own private beach encircling the island, a house reef that is a natural aquarium, a lagoon as your very own swimming pool. Look at Phil’s pictures on this site. It’s like this everyday…

Find the resort dedicated to what you want from your holiday and you’ll discover what it is that so many visitors to the Maldives get excited about. Go on, check out our Maldives resorts list, you won’t be disappointed!

So much on one island resort in the Maldives and yet you have beaches to yourself. All you hear are the waves and the birds. All you can see is the broad horizon, the setting sun…

Knowing you’ve only seven or fourteen days on your Maldives island resort and five have already flown by why not just relax, take a walk around your island, snap a few pictures, check out the views, sit in the shallows of the warm lagoon and just feel the water at your feet then keep that appointment at the Spa to soothe the aches away…

And why not find out what’s on offer for the visitor

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