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Ah, the joy of travelling to the Maldives with children!

OK if you’re looking for Maldives holidays on family oriented resorts, you’re in the right place.

We should make it clear that when we talk about kids we’re really talking about kids under 12...

... So that includes babies, toddlers and small children travelling with you on holiday in the Maldives but not particularly teens as they’re… let’s say more self sufficient!

What to look for

An idea might be to stick to a Maldives island that is quite close to Malé as unless you’ve come from India, the flights will have taken a lot of children. You can check out Phil’s map of the Maldives to see which are closest.

Family packages should come with... Babysitting services, children’s areas, kids clubs or be child friendly resorts. “Huh? Child friendly resorts?!” we hear you whisper.

OK here’s the thing; even if a resort doesn’t have babysitting services or children’s area it should at least make reference to the fact that families are welcome. The last thing anyone wants is to stroll onto Kuredu Resort with two tots in tow only to find the folks are all couples on their honeymoon! So keep that in mind and if in doubt, ask your travel agent.

Maldives Holidays

Your little ones can take a dip underwater and enjoy snorkelling the shallows alongside you. They even have groynes to break the current for you, so they too can discover the beautiful underwater world that exists in the Maldives.

If they’re not quite big enough for diving then a resort like Conrad Hilton has a glass bottomed boat so they get to see the submarine life without having to get wet! Or perhaps dolphin watching.

Maldives holidays packaged for families can be found at places like Bandos Island not only offer babysitting service (including evening childminding) but they have a kids’ clubs too as does One and Only Reethi Rah.

The Kids’ clubs aren’t like those found in the Mediterranean and nor should they be. Maldives holidays can be tranquil and structured and so are the Kids’ club with One&Only Reethi Rah offering a timetable of events created by… you guessed it, the kids themselves!

You should also look out for resorts that have children only pools as another sign that they cater for families.

Anything else to keep in mind…?

You can expect to pay for babysitting and Kids’ clubs in the Maldives, but the great thing is they’re there. You don’t have to use them but you can if you wish… Huzzah!

Some of the Maldives resorts for families have staff trained to specifically work with children so that may be a consideration –

If you can’t find a Maldives resort that does, at least ensure that the staff members are trained in First Aid as little one can sometimes get into scrapes chasing lizards!

Kids will be kids. So if they’re used to lots of activities at home, then prepare and bring things with you to keep them amused on Maldives holidays especially for when they’re not in the sun – books, crafts and dare we even mention it, computery gadgetry!

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