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Phil's got a bee in his bonnet about explaining how we manage to run the site and generate some revenue! To me it's all quite clear and common sense but Phil insisted on writing this about our Affiliates. So bear with him please! (Thank you, Charley)

You can click on any of our partners above and mosey around their offers for Maldives Honeymoons and holidays if you wish.

So how does our Maldives guide generate revenue?

Our Maldives Holiday Guide is written purely from a ‘let’s provide as much info as we can’ stance so that you the holidaymaker can make an informed decision about the Maldives.

Once Charley and I have written up a page about a Maldive islands resort we need to see if what we do is compatible and worthy of a ‘affiliate link’ with a holiday provider for that resort and Maldives Vacations in general.

The Affiliate links look and work the same way as normal links or ads, if someone clicks through for a honeymoon in the Maldives, the link is tracked and it may generate a payment to the site (the details on this vary; sometimes by per click, or per user, per holiday, per accepted holiday or any combination).

Can this compromise the site?

No. The Maldives articles are written and the site developed as a resource for the benefit of the reader. Our passion for the Maldives is most important. If Charley and I source relationships we feel would benefit our readers then paid links are looked for.

Where do the links come from?

They come directly from our partners Holidaysplease or via affiliate sites such as Affiliatefuture, Tradedoubler or Commission Junction. Their links are used and then if someone clicks through and makes a purchase our Maldives site receives a percentage of their revenue.

The best way to shop for a holiday is to ‘shop around’. For this reason we have a number of agents contending for your Maldives holiday or honeymoon.

We are only interested in getting you on your Maldives honeymoon holidays! It’s a plus if we get to give you the information you need to make your informed Maldives holiday decision and this leads you to make a purchase with our partners. We then receive some revenue and that really helps us maintain the site.

It's also for this reason you won't ever see any affiliates or adverts for erroneous products or offers on our site. Like you our interest and passion is in the Maldives first and foremost.

This is the sort of affiliate partnership we foster. It shares directly our experience of a company or product with you.

Same with our Maldives travel agents. Charley and I have used them all: Flown and worked with them; they are reputable and good at what they do. We’re happy to partner with them.

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