Six Of The Best
Maldives Holiday Packages

A place like the Maldives attracts all kinds of people who look for all kinds of Maldives holiday packages.

But just what are those holiday packages or rather what should you look for when determining the kind of resort you go to?

There are broadly eight kinds of packages in the Maldives but we’ll focus on the top six as these are what we’re asked most about.
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Maldives Holidays... Packages for Surfing & Diving

We’ve a selection of pages on surf resorts in the Maldives, for all you surfers out there who delight in riding waves. But we haven’t forgotten another major attraction in the Maldives so you can check out our pages on diving too!

Maldives Holiday Packages

What to look for

If the surf’s up then when booking your surfing break you should be make sure that the package comes with free drop offs at the surf points daily, range of surfing equipment to buy and hire

Surfing diving packages should come with free drop offs to dive sites daily, the dive school should be PADI qualified and there should be a medical facility and decompression chambers. Also check for a range of diving accessories available for hire/to buy or that it’s included in the diving package price… It’s also an idea to make sure that the type of diving offered suits your level of experience.

Anything else to keep in mind…?

Insurance for diving and surfing holidays can be expensive but worth it as accidents happen… Charley and I have coral scars to prove it!

Find out if drop offs are part of the Maldive holiday packages offered as some resorts will charge you extra if you haven’t booked directly with a surfing or diving tour operator.

Maldives Holidays... Packages for Couples

First things first; you’re not likely to find “romance packages” but you can use honeymoon packages for the same purpose…

What to look for

Maldives holiday packages for two should come with... Couples’ spas and massages, candlelit suppers on the beach or in your villa, bathtubs big enough for two, desert island picnics and lot’s of flowers and Champagne.

If you don’t want the romance laid on too thick then look for resorts that have a reputation as being a couples’ oriented resort.

Anything else to keep in mind…?

If you don’t book a honeymoon package but want all the romantic elements, bear in mind that these will cost extra.

Maldives Holidays... Packages for the Body

If you’re looking for the ultimate body pampering holiday then a spa break is for you!

What to look for

Maldives holiday packages for the mind and body should have... Yoga and Pilate facilities; Thai and Indian massage therapies, Saunas, steam rooms and even delectable cuisine… Well you’ve got to look after the inside too!

The spa should be a feature of the resort either world renowned or offer the latest exclusive body & beauty treatments as well as established and sought after types of massage and therapies like Ayurvedic treatments and floatation rooms. Resorts like Soneva Gili Six Senses and Huvafen Fushi are at the helm of such treatments.

Anything else to keep in mind…?

It’s always an idea to make sure you know what comes in the package and what you’ll be expected to pay for… After all, you don’t go all that way to feel rejuvenated and relaxed only to be stressed at the sight of the bill!

Maldives Holiday Packages 03

Maldives Holiday Packages for Cruising

If being land based isn’t your thing then you’ll be pleased to know that you can cruise the Maldives and enjoy packages based on resorts safaris.

What to look for

It might sound obvious but cruise based Maldives holiday packages should have plenty of activities! Excursions to islands, night fishing, snorkelling, diving and a visit to Malé . It’s also worth finding out if you’ll be spending a night at an island resort.

Anything else to keep in mind…?

It’s always best to make sure you know the number of cabins and the size of the vessel as some can take up to 50 passengers whilst others will only take 20...

There are other Maldives holiday packages like tour packages but these are essentially the same as cruise packages and travel packages seem like more work than they are fun.

So there you have it, the best Maldives holiday packages unwrapped just for you... Now you know what you’re looking for with our Maldives holiday packages guide, you can go off and book the perfect holiday or... Join our blog! So you’ll know when we’ve added more articles about the holidays and resorts we’ve mentioned here – saving you the job of scouring the net!

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