Look After Your
Maldives Health

When we talk about Maldives health, we’re really talking about your holiday health and here are some handy hints to help you prepare and maintain your health whilst on your Maldives vacation.

Maldives Health... Water

So you’ll already know Maldivians have to desalinate the water before drinking it, but did you know that the island of Thulusdhoo is the only factory in the world where Coca-Cola is made out of sea water? OK, Phil enough trivia…

If the desalination plant is working properly you should be able to drink the water from the taps in the bathroom although the resort will advise against this – and since they know their piping systems and mineral levels of the water better than you or we do, it’s probably best to follow their advice… But if for some reason you simply have no choice but to drink it, then always boil it first before drinking… speaking of boiling…

Maldives Health, Dehydration, Heat Exhaustion and Sunburn

If you’re dehydrated you can easily suffer from heat exhaustion especially when the temperatures can reach into the mid 30s (degrees Celsius). So take time to acclimatise to the temperature and drink lots of water.

It’s easy to sunburn in the Maldives. We’ve seen it happen a lot. We all love a great tan… After all, how else are we going to make our friends jealous about our holidays if we haven’t got the sun tan proof?

Here are our top tips:

• You can burn even if it’s cloudy.

• You can burn even if you’re snorkelling – try wearing a t-shirt.

• Don’t forget your nose, ears and scalp when applying sun lotion.

• Where a hat to protect your scalp.

Maldives Health… Bites and Scrapes

Mosquitoes aren’t a noticeable problem in the Maldives mainly due to the lack of fresh water. But you can still get bitten so always take a repellent and some salve to soothe any irritation that can occur.

If you’re a fan of snorkelling then the chances are at some point you’ll get into a scrape with coral. As most corals contain poison (yes that’s right, those pretty little structures are also poisonous little structures) if you end up cutting or grazing yourself on any, wash the area with fresh water and use an antiseptic cream.

If you get bitten or stung by anything it’s always best to seek medical advice from the resort’s medical centre, often they’ll have creams that you can use to alleviate any itching or soreness.

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Anything Else To Think About?

Upset stomachs can happen quite easily due to a change of water, food and wait for it… even change of climate. So drinking fluids is a good idea to replace lost fluid or perhaps something like Immodium might be an idea.

The thing to remember is that you can’t plan for everything and if you’re ever in doubt, check with the resort’s Doctor.

Charley likes to make sure we’ve always got everything we need for first aid from headache pills to Dettol and whilst you don’t have take our advice, it works for us everytime!

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