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Tarek from the United Emirates contacted our Maldives Guestbook and Said…

“I’m getting married. My wife and I feel a excited to visit the Maldives. My main question is how much privacy can we expect?

I checked the Soneva Gili, it was beautiful, but a bit on the high end cost wise. I read somewhere that some offered a Robinson Crusoe trip in which they would drop us off at a private little island all by ourselves for the day. What I really want is a water villa that has its own Jacuzzi and a sun deck that is closed off so we can sunbathe privately.

After working through some travel agents and asking around it seems that the Beach House at Manafaru is ideal. Their water villa comes with its own pool, Jacuzzi, private sundeck, and all the little pleasures (such as an espresso maker and a 40 inch LCD screen).

Their prices are also fantastic when compared with everything else, but a second opinion always works...have you heard of this place? Any pros and cons I should know about? Best Regards, Tarek”

We Said…Hi Tarek

Only places like Soneva Gili and Kuredu offer desert island breaks but plenty of places offer private Jacuzzis, in fact anywhere that comes with a Jacuzzi will ensure that you can't be seen. It may help to click on this link and put in a search for Jacuzzi to find all the resorts that have them.

We've just put a page up on the resort to help you out find out all about it! As a heads up, you should be in for a treat. so click on the link and enjoy!

The Beach House is five star bliss and you're right about the prices, this is mainly because it's so new, in about a year's time, we’re sure the prices will go up!

Enjoy your holiday and thanks for contacting The Complete Maldives Guestbook

Tarek from the United Emirates contacted our Maldives Guestbook and then said…

Dear Phil and Charley,

Thanks for making me feel extra awesome for choosing the beach house – Your site and info rocks!

We think that speaks for itself!

Mrs C from Hertfordshire, England Contacted our Maldives Guestbook and Said…

"Just married and would love a waterfront villa for our Maldives honeymoon."

We Said…Hi Mrs. C

Congratulations on getting married.

You have two choices, A honeymoon with a wedding theme where they do commitment ceromonies etc or, a honeymoon package at a Maldives resortor any kind of resort so long as it's secluded for you and your husband - So I guess that was three choices ;-)

Ok, all the resorts will have waterfront villas. Building regulations throughout the Maldives state that all resort villas have to face the water and have at least five meters of sand across the front of the bungalow line - so you'll have no problem finding a waterfront villa.

You can either book a water villa, or once you've booked the holiday - contact the resort direct tell them about your booking and then get them to reserve the best room with a view for you.

This link is for honeymoon packages if you missed it - and this one for wedding themed breaks.

You can check out the following too but they don't lay on actual honeymoon packages.

Dhoni Mighili - class of its own. Only 6 rooms, with 6 boats moored alongside. Your own Maldivian house butler. No meal times. You ask for what you want, when you want it and eat it wherever you want on the island!

Vadoo - on South Male Atoll, again small and quiet. Just 24 rooms, no water sports and no "entertainment".

Soneva Fushi - considered by many to be the finest resort in the country. Voted so by Conde Nast readers.

Feel free to leave a message on our Maldives Guestbook whatever you decide to do or alternatively, comeback to the Complete Maldives Guestbook to read other vistitors' experiences!

Mrs J from England Contacted our Maldives Guestbook and Said…

“Dear Phil and Charley, I’m going to the Maldives for the first time in September, (very excited). I’m a bit overwhelmed by the choice of the different resorts and want to choose the right one! We’re looking for something romantic, suitable for me to try snorkelling for the first time, (my boyfriend is an experienced diver), and with some other activities and some advice on which accommodation to choose. I have seen so many reviews it is hard to know what to believe. So far, Vilu Reef Beach & Spa looked promising? I thought I'd drop your Maldives Guestbook a line and would be very grateful for your expert advice!”

We Said…Vilu Reef is a great choice; it has a great atmosphere and is really relaxed!

It has a good house reef which is just right for novice snorkelers and as it's one of two islands in the atoll, much of the dive sites are "fully stocked" so if you decide to do a diving course (PADI) and dive with your boyfriend, neither of you will be disappointed.

Top tip: Meet with your tour rep when you arrive to find out more about the island as they'll know it back to front and inside out.

This island has a large number of rooms in relation to its size so whilst it won't feel like the Costa del Sol, you will notice other people – mainly at meal times – there's just too much beach for it to ever be crowded… also September isn't peak season and there should be fewer children too as they'll be back at school.

If you choose a Beach Villa it'll have a hindered view of the beach – but you won't be far from it.

In the middle of the island there are Garden villas which do what they say on the tin – villa with garden!

If you want complete privacy, perhaps a Jacuzzi water villamight be a consideration (there's a little less light in these rooms because you're secluded).

There are plenty of activities and excursions so check with reception and book your places early. It's probably an idea to take a couple of books, an MP3 player and perhaps a board game/pack of cards in case it rains… but remember you're there to relax and not do much!

In terms of romance –Vilu has a great beach which surrounds pretty much all of the island and it's great to sit at the water's edge at the end of the day and share the moment.

Enjoy your holiday and thanks for contacting our Maldives Guestbook.

Leyton from the UK contacted our Maldives Guestbook and Said…

Hi, Have you guys visited Coco Palm Bodu Hithi? My fiancée and I have booked to go there for a wedding blessing but the reviews on tripadvisor are making me worry. If you have been there I'd be grateful to know if you think the (bad) reviews are just. Thanks, Leyton

We Said…

Hi Leyton

Charley and I visited Boduhithi before Coco Palm (2006) but only to dive and of course it hadn't been built yet! I have to say we've heard nothing but good reports about it. I checked out trip advisor and whilst there are a couple of negative comments it doesn't deter from the good reviews. It will always be the case that not everyone will be pleased all of the time.

Whilst Charley and I can't guarantee what awaits you, we can say that the island is excellent and rightly promoted as such. We have stayed at similar resorts and the one thing the Maldives does well is its standard of service. It depends on it.

It takes no small effort to fit into the rhythm of island life for a week or two and this is an island that helps you relax and enjoy yourself. Balance the island resorts promotional voice (they all like to shout about themselves - and why not?) with the research you've done and any doubts will recede, we're sure.

If it makes you feel better, every resort Charley and I have visited has had negative comments and yet we've never had a less that great vacation in the Maldives.

Enjoy your holiday and thanks for contacting the Complete Maldives Guestbook.

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