Maldives Food
Something For Everyone

Maldives food… now there’s a mouth-watering topic… and also an important one.

In fact one of the first questions I asked the travel agent, when booking our first vacation to the Maldives was about the food… You see I know what I like – Phil says that’s because I’m fussy, but I think it’s just knowing what I like… and knowing what I don’t…

The Maldives Food Detective…

Knowing what I like meant that when I booked our first Maldives holiday, it was the Spanish inquisition with the travel agent.

My questions about Maldives’ food sort of went like this… What type of food do they serve? Do they cater for vegetarians? Is food prepared daily? How hot are the curries? Will all buffet meals be different each time? What drinks are there besides alcohol and fizzy pops? Do they have non-alcoholic cocktails? Do they have soya and linseed bread? Will salt be available? Do they grill food as well as fry? Are sponge cakes included in the desserts? Will fresh fruit be available daily? Will fresh fruit be more than just apples and bananas?

I’m not fussy… honest…

The answers I got were: they serve everything from hot dogs to onion bhagis, they serve curries of all kinds and meat is always on the menu as is fresh fish, prepared in front of you on a hotplate or in a rotary oven. There is pizza and pasta, there is stroganoff and coq au vin and yes vegetables and fruit are available at every meal, everything from aubergines to zucchinis and apples to watermelons (I couldn’t think of fruit that begins with z!).

As for dessert...You can have exotic fruit and cake and custard or mousses and trifle; they even do bread and butter pudding.

As you can see, Maldives food is very… well very everything. Every meal was a delight and we were never disappointed. So rest assured, no matter what your tastes you’ll always find something you like at every meal, and if you're like Phil, you’ll always find a curry accompaniment at every meal!

Traditional Maldives Food

Traditional Maldives food is similar to Indian food in that it involves, lots of spices, frying and baking from samosas to egg drop soup – so as a rule, if you like Indian food, you’ll probably like traditional Maldivian food too…

Remember that on resorts dominated by any one nation you'll find the cuisine of that particular country catered for alongside the traditional Asian foods derived from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Thailand etc. You are catered for whatever your tastes!

Fish is a big part of island cooking in the Maldives, particularly tuna. As you all now probably know, on some resorts you can go out and fish for your dinner! Curries are popular too and they come in a myriad of varieties! Pepper, Spices, Cardamom, lime, ginger, coconut are all represented here. Go on if you are going to try Asian cuisine then the Maldives is the place to try it! Maldives food is the best!

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Is there Enough Food To Go Round…?

The short answer is yes and at the buffets, whenever a dish runs out a new tray full to the brim will suddenly appear.

…Now, I’m not a big eater but Phil - who seems to have hollow legs - is. But even he can’t muster up the energy for snacking all the time when we’re in the Maldives…

In the mornings you wander to the restaurant where you have your choice of cereals, fresh fruit, traditional Asian breakfast meals and European equivalents. We like having long, leisurely breakfasts on holiday - lasting at least an hour - Me, I loved vegetarian sausages on toast followed by croissants and strawberry jam, whilst Phil preferred an omelette on toast with his fish curry, followed by a muffin or two…or sometimes three! We’d take fruit for later and saunter off to the beach...

…Sometimes we’d be so full from breakfast we’d skip lunch, head to the café for a coffee and a sandwich late afternoon and then enjoy an even more relaxing evening meal in the restaurant… bliss.

Maldives Restaurants

Maldives restaurants really do feel like restaurants, so you get the sense that you dine out for every meal. The restaurants are designed so that even though you're “inside” the walls (made up of blinds) are rolled up so you can feel the gentle Maldivian breeze or warm rays of the sun… and if it’s a bit too breezy, they can always be rolled down…

As you can see, Maldives food or rather the food in the Maldives, has something for everyone; so even if you’re the fussiest of eaters, you’re bound to find something you enjoy. Enjoy Maldives food and enjoy your Maldives holiday!

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