Maldives Beaches

You’ve probably guessed that the Maldives beaches are one of the main reasons we go to the Maldives. Let’s not kid ourselves here, given the choice between a walrus colony slowly baking on the “costa wherever”


You and perhaps a few other folk breaking the silence with gentle slurps of a cold drink as the condensation drips onto the icing sugar your toes are gently kneading…

maldives beaches 01

We’d all choose… hmm… that whole toes in the sand kneading thing…. Oh yes, the cool drink too; but not, definitely not the walrus colony…

Beaches of the Maldives win awards

They win environmental awards

Beaches in Maldives are the countries greatest asset: After fishing their biggest importer. There is nothing neither more important nor more coveted than a Maldives Beach.

The Maldives may be a collection of about 1200 islands spread over thousands of square kilometres but the perimeters of the islands are the tangible physical boundary of this island nation.

New Zealand has Piha and Bethels beaches, Karikari and Ninety Mile Beach. England has Bigbury-on-Sea, Widemouth Sands and Polzeath…

Tonga has Vavau beach in the Pacific, there’s Ambergris Caye on the lush tropics of Belize, the Pink Sands of the refined Bahamasand the list goes on


maldives beaches 02

The Maldives have so many beaches
they can’t name them all.

They beat the world hands down when it comes to sand and beaches in both number and quality.

Unlike anywhere else in the world the Maldives is in a unique position…

The Maldives has the capacity to introduce islands and beaches into the public domain. When we say there are undiscovered beaches; it’s a fact. By the year 2011 there will be 35 islands added to the list of growing resort islands in the Maldives.

maldives beaches 03

This means more beaches to be discovered. More beaches in the Maldives where no one has been before… and more holidays to experience and enjoy them!

A beach of the Maldives is nurtured and protected. Nurtured because the islands are bursting with biodiversity, yet still a fragile environment and protected because nature itself influences the beaches in the Maldives and man has to build defensive barriers to mitigate that power.

Not all Maldives beaches stay the same
. The two broad seasons make sure that there’s a natural drift of beaches around some of the islands. From month to month the sandbanks fluctuate, recede and grow as if living entities. Your stay though is never hampered. You’re never more than a towel’s throw away from a beach in the Maldives.

Some islands have preserved the shape of their beaches by having groynes built off shore to inhibit the tidal influence. Coral, netting and concrete are used to hold them in place. Sometimes miniature revetments are used, but these are few and far between and we’ve not seen any on the islands we’ve visited.

maldives beaches 04

The sand on Maldives beaches is acknowledged as being some of the finest and whitest in the world. The white appearance is down to eroded limestone with coral and shell fragments adding to the smooth white powdery finish. For divers and snorkellers it acts as a reflective face illuminating the waters, coral and fish.

For beach lovers it’s … well… check out our island resorts and find out for yourselves… whole stretches of beach just for you, no securing your spot with a towel and certainly no litter… just soft, white powdery sand… bliss!

Maldives island beaches mean… you’ll often have your own chairs, marked with your Maldives villa or bungalow number. Drag them wherever you want… and sink into the sand…

Maldives beach fun is sitting in the warm surf at the waters edge watching the tide push shells and sand against your toes.

Maldives beach romance is a candlelit dinner for two at the waters edge… no shoes… no flip flops…

Maldives island beaches… are bordered by lush tropical foliage on one side and warm blue clear Indian Ocean waters on the other… step out of your Maldives villa onto the sands and into the blue… simply unique

The beaches in the Maldives say find us, walk our pristine sands
and you’ll never want to leave…

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