A Maldives All Inclusive Holiday Experience Like No Other…

If you’re thinking of a package holiday, you should know that a Maldives all inclusive holiday is most definitely not…

• A room, in a crowded block, on a hill, miles from amenities and the beach

• A holiday camp with Kids’ clubs and cabaret

• A vacation where you never leave the hotel grounds

Maldives all inclusive vacation packages are unique and here’s why…

…You have bungalows all to yourselves, verandas, spacious bathrooms and bedrooms and the choice of dining in different restaurants serving delicious cuisine from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Go on, roam your island and explore!

maldives bungalow accommodation

Wander the shores, dive, swim and snorkel. Hang out on the jetties catching sunsets, meander lush tropical paths to the bar, go fishing, windsurfing, water skiing. The list goes on you lucky people!

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Virgin All Inclusive Holidays

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No line dancing by the pool for you before going to some dreary canteen!

“But all that must cost a fortune” I hear you whisper. You’d be wrong. This is what makes the Maldives a great travel destination – even on a budget, you feel you are being spoilt. No, you are being spoilt!

There’s a plethora of Maldives all inclusive holiday packages for every purse and wallet from cheap all-inclusive holidays to tailor made luxury packages within many travellers’ budgets.

If you think you’d like to visit more than just one island, then you can choose a Maldives tour package. Hop from island to island experiencing a bigger slice of the Maldives atoll pie!

If cruising the Maldives on a liveaboard is more your style, where you can soak up the sun on deck or go for a spot of diving before having dinner with the Captain, then you can choose a Maldives liveaboard sailing cruise. Friendly crews share their wide knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Maldives to enhance your on-board experience.

And if you’re newlyweds you’ll find a romantic inclusive honeymoon package packed with pampering and filled with treats like candlelit suppers on the beach and relaxing body massages.

These romantically idyllic vacations are also enjoyed by many visitors returning to the Maldives to celebrate the anniversary of a life shared together.

So whatever you’d like for your vacation to the Maldives, you're bound to find the holiday package that’s right for you with our Complete Maldives Holiday Guide. And if you choose an all inclusive maldives break, then read our inside story on how they work. And don’t worry about crowded beaches and concrete landscapes…

maldives tropical walks

... All the islands set aside for tourists have to obey strict planning regulations. Nothing can be built higher than the treetops. All buildings must be made from natural materials and represent the traditions of the Islands.

This means you have beautiful broad wooden porticos opening into spacious seating and reception areas with vast beams and long sloping roofs bedecked with carvings. Wood is used everywhere to reflect the style of these beautiful islands.

This is all yours. It adds to the ambience that embraces you from the moment you arrive. The service, the friendliness, the curving white sand beaches are all for you.

This is a Maldives all inclusive holiday to beat all other holiday packages…

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… And guess what... You’ll want to come back!

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