Last Minute Holidays Maldives
Means Book It Or Lose It!

Last minute holidays to the Maldives aren’t the same as last minute holidays to short haul destinations.

So what is the difference? Well basically it’s about supply.

In Europe the Mediterranean is the most popular short haul destination because it has warmer temperatures than northern Europe. And when we say popular, we mean popular! There are hundreds of thousands of hotels, villas, apartments, B+Bs, cottages, guesthouses and youth hostels in the Mediterranean to choose from.

And they can be cheap as chips.

… Tour operators buy these rooms in bulk (along with the flights to take you there) which is why you can always find thousands of holidays to the Mediterranean throughout the year, even in winter. In fact, if you went online at any time, you would find hundreds of Mediterranean holidays still available with departures for the following day. "Stack ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap!" As someone once said.

The Maldives on the other hand is different and here’s why…

Land Mass

The Maldives is made up of islands… tiny islands. There are only so many hotels and resorts that can be built – currently there are fewer than 100 resorts in the Maldives. Minimal numbers of bungalows are built on each resort to in order to preserve the environment and visual beauty of the islands. As fewer people can holiday there the Maldives is an exclusive destination.

Maldives Late Deal: Book it or lose it!


The accommodation in the Maldives is made up of bungalows and water villas. There are a few resorts that have a hotel building but these are no more than two storeys high and so limit the number of guests.


The Maldives is a long haul destination, even if you live in India it takes several hours to get to there. Tourists tend not to choose long haul destinations as last minute getaways.

Exotically Romantic

The Maldives is renowned for its idyllic beauty and is one of the top 5 destinations to celebrate nuptials, be it anniversary, honeymoon or indeed the wedding itself.

Hmm… what does all this mean?

• The Maldives is a more exclusive holiday destination

• Tourists book well in advance for their vacations

• There are fewer rooms available

• Last minute holidays to the Maldives are seldom found a few days before departure, they are usually a few weeks before departure.

Maldives Moonset

Last minute holidays to the Maldives are usually booked a few weeks before you want to leave.

Last minute for us has been booking 11 days before the departure date… and the tour operator told us we were lucky… but they all say that… or do they?

Yes and no. During the year you can get lucky if you search around and book your vacation anything up to 3 days before you leave... But at Christmas and New Year our advice is to forget about trying to catch a last minute holiday to the Maldives… book well in advance or lose out!

Any last minute holidays to the Maldives you spot during the festive season are pretty much where someone else has had to cancel his or her holiday and the operator has put the holiday back on the market… not something you can rely on.

When you find that late deal to the Maldives, whether it's a few weeks or if you're really lucky a few days before you want to travel, book it or lose it, because once it’s gone, it really is gone!

So now you know when to book your last minute holiday to the Maldives. You can go online and search that late-deal-special-offer holiday site… right?

Hmm… Yes and no. The great thing about the Maldives is that the same tour operators, travel agents and websites that you use to book your Maldivian getaway a year in advance are the same companies you can use to book your ‘last minute holiday Maldives’.

By all means look at specialist sites for 11th hour bookings but make sure you get the best deal by shopping around.

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So there you have it, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can book your last minute holiday to the Maldives the day before you want to leave as this rarely ever works.

But don’t let this stop you from looking out for late deals to Maldives a few weeks before you wish to travel… you never know, you could find a fabulous Maldives vacation at an absolute
bargain price!

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