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OK so it's not the most exciting of subjects and probably not the thing we immediately think of when conjuring up images of tropical holidays... but we all need travel insurance, so here goes.

Whether it's holiday insurance for one Maldives' holiday or holiday insurance for a Maldives multi trip you'll find a wealth of information on the Internet and we'll cover the basics.

What Should Be Covered?

Well your travel insurance for your Maldives holiday should probably cover what you have for any other destination like theft, loss/damage and medical costs.

Whoa! “Theft? This is the Maldives with very low crime levels!” We hear you shriek; and you’d be right. But like travelling anywhere else in the world, you take precautions. If this means using the digital safe in your room, then use it. Better to be cautious and safe and have a stess free holiday.

Phil and I have to confess to travelling to the Maldives with all sorts of gidgets and gadgets from laptops to MP3s, from PDAs to digital cameras and have always found the safes secure. But we still take out insurance as we can’t control what happens when airlines decide to send our luggage to the wrong destination! Here’s where the “loss” part of your policy comes in handy.

As for medical bills, you may be like Phil and just never be bitten by anything, never walk into anything and never feel ill after eating anything…

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Or... You may be like Charley who seems to emit pheromones that attract whole colonies of mosquitoes, walks into palm trees when following fruit bats, and becomes vaguely ill at the sight of anything being deep fat fried – in which case medical cover is a must.

There are some great deals on insurance from specialist travel insurers, it’s what they do…

A word to the wise… if you book your insurance with the same company you book your holiday with, you could find yourself in a bit of a jam if they go bust (thankfully not a common occurrence!), so it might be an idea to find an independent insurer... so your eggs are not all in one basket!

How Much Does Holiday Insurance Cost?

The price you pay for your insurance is largely down to what you want it to cover and how much you'd like it to pay out if you suffer any loss or damage.

Our insurance is usually around 4% of the total cost of our Maldives holiday but we’ve been quoted up to 10% of the holiday price.

Another top tip, go online and shop around for companies that have a proven history of service and customer satisfaction – If you know of any great insurers you can always drop us a line through our contact page and we’ll add the info to this page – our way of holidaying it forward!

Hmm... Anything Else To Think About?

The Maldives is a great destination for diving and other water sports, so think about this when organising insurance for your Maldives vacation.

Theft, loss and medical costs coverage should come as standard and our top tip is that if you’re going to be doing things like scuba diving, water skiing and the like, it’s an idea to make sure your policy covers these activities including costs for decompression chambers.

It’s also an idea to make sure that the policy pays the doctors direct rather than you having to pay them and reclaim the costs later – it’s just less hassle that way and let’s face it, we all go to the Maldives for less hassle.

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