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A forecast for Male Maldives is not the easiest of predictions. As your aircraft banks and descends to Hulhule Island where Malé International Airport is located you can see how remote and small the Maldives really is. Once you've landed, the capital Malé is just next door, a ten minute boat ride from the airport.

How are we going to make a forecast for Male Maldives? After all, the islands are too small to form their own weather patterns. Fragile concentric circles of land, sand reef and sea dotted haphazardly into atolls from the southern tip of India down beyond the equator.

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OK, back to school for a moment. A forecast is simply a prediction of the weather and this means speculating. So at best there can only be educated guesses made when forecasting for Malé Maldives.

But we want to know don't we? After all, this is where we arrive and where we depart and for many of us, where we'll come for a day's excursion to wander the sights, streets and markets. Malé is the capital of these beautiful islands and a forecast for the Maldives is how we have an idea of what to expect, especially if visiting for the first time.

What is it like then? Well, for those of us used to our four clearly defined seasons, it's summer all year round in the Maldives. At a push, two seasons you get ; and both of these heavily are influenced by the monsoon winds.

In general, the weather in Malé is as you'd find it elsewhere in the Maldives; hot, humid with intermittent rainfall. You'll see a rise in monthly rainfall between May and October, decreasing between November and April. Temperatures remain constant in the high twenties to low thirties with humidity also fluctuating minimally.

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We already know that a combination of a tropical setting, tiny low-lying islands and monsoons (winds) will mean unpredictable day to day forecasting.

Some forecasters may try and give a Malé 10 day weather forecast, but with the best will in the world, it's not always to be relied on. Projections can be made from the movement of cloud mass, time of year and weather history, but it’s going to be a shrewd guess at best.

The advice for a forecast for Male Maldives is the same as the rest of the Maldives on our other weather pages, but if you simply must have some numbers and projections here’s our weather gadget that'll give you daily, weekly and 14 day forecasts for the Maldives islands.

Be sure to right click on the widget to open in a new window - this will allow you to navigate our site whilst using the weather site for reference.

Check out the Calender view too for weather conditions on the AccuWeather page for Malé and the Maldives.

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