A Scuba Diving Holiday In Maldives
To Suit Everyone

Diving holiday in Maldives… Note to all…

If you're as gracious as a dolphin underwater, with the skills of a North Sea oil rig scuba diver, then turn away now please…

It’s rude to laugh. 11.30am, a beach on a reef in a lagoon somewhere in The Maldives...

You will (as we did) find yourself chest deep in the warm Indian Ocean.

Rather disconcertingly you'll have a belt of weights welded to your middle, a vest inflated with air, wrapped across your chest and for good measure a heavy tank strapped to your back.

diving holiday in maldives 01 thanks Neil see travel links

We guarantee that you'll struggle just like us and your companions, to remain dignified but with every gentle swell you're released from the sandy bottom and bob like corks, hostage to the tide.

We had never been Maldives diving before. Well in truth, we'd never dived before. Charley and I have swam and snorkelled with ease but breathing underwater anywhere had eluded us both... we were certified land animals!

But there we were, scuba diving in the Maldives with nowhere to go but down… Our heads are full of instructions… Do this with your mask… Breathe out, go down… Breathe in, come up… Pump air from the regulator… Drop your regulator, then flap your arms until you find your regulator and shove it back in your mouth…

diving holiday in maldives 02

Finally... our instructor signals for us to move below the surface and follow her. With a curious sense of relief we sink beneath the waves and try to keep breathing steadily. After a few tricky moments we both found our ‘‘balance’’ and float 30 feet down (10 metres).

It is impossible to describe the feeling of freedom you feel when you dive. Fish gathered about watching (and possibly laughing) at humans on their diving holiday in the Maldives.

You'll find yourself surrounded by a coral garden, swimming amongst its landscaped borders... mesmerised.

So join us in the underwater Maldives and discover the different types of scuba diving holidays in Maldives available for you.

There are two general types of dive programmes available in the Maldives

Land based

Live aboard

Land based diving is resort located. Often the resort will advertise that it has a house reef.

This means you can walk from the dive school into the water and swim out from the beach to the coral reefs.

Land based is ideal for beginners and those who may decide to go diving at some point during their diving holiday in Maldives.

Live aboard diving is based on a boat. In addition to daily dives for absolute beginners to the more experienced, you will visit resort islands and have the opportunity to film and photograph your underwater experiences.

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In both cases the organisations that offer dive programmes are run by experienced professional PADI registered staff (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

So if you're done reading, want to get in the water and need some gear then look no further. We've teamed up with
Simply Scuba an online dive store with a strong track record in the market. They carry most of the big names in the scuba world and also have the simple things like snorkel and mask for those lagoon trips you'll be making! Charley and I are confident in recommending their services.

We can’t wait to get back out to the Maldives dive sites, take a refresher course and start diving again. Jacques Cousteau said he could never explain why he loved the sea, only that when you dive you feel a sense of liberation.

We hope you all find something too on your diving holiday in the Maldives!

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