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The country of Maldives is for many still an enigma. One of those we’ve heard of it but aren’t quite sure where exactly it is places

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I get the same feeling when someone asks me where precisely Lithuania is, or The Virgin islands for that matter. I know the continent, even the ocean but the location eludes me…

Maybe it’s because I never thought I would need to know where the country of Maldives is?

Or the fact that the first time someone mentioned Maldives to me was in the same breath as Marco Polo so I thought well, if Marco’s been there’s no point me going is there!

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Before the web (the wonderful web!) came into being, the Maldives were distant and exotic. A library poster of a palm tree and sunset flooded with orange light was the closest many of us would get.

Staring into the distance wistfully as no doubt Paul Gauguin must have done before he ran home, packed a suitcase and said to everyone “I’m off to the Pacific to paint trees and beautiful people hurrah!”

Well this time it’s our time in Maldives
so get packing ‘cos we’re going!

The best way to find out all about the Maldives is to be there: In Malé captivated by the bustle of the place, wandering worn flag stones and cobbles, admiring coral walls and carved timber frames. Maldives’ history is everywhere, the museums and mosques displaying the islands rich heritage and not just for visitors. Maldives’ history is a strong part of the Maldives’ culture and is an important tool in the learning and development of the Maldivian children.

All those heady and exotic aroma's pervading the air… intriguing and intoxicating. What a Maldives introduction!

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Listening to conversations in Dhivehi, the Maldives language, swirling around you, the sound of traders, shoppers and hawkers in the market place.....

and above this maelstrom of vocal activity; the call to prayer recited by the muezzin from the mosques minaret, floats and winds between the streets. Maldives religion is prominent, respected and proud. It is all part of the welcome that embraces you.

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Moving towards the other islands we find the population of Maldives recedes from the bustle of Malé and is replaced by a calmer and quieter lifestyle altogether. The Maldives’ culture still resonates on both the inhabited and resort islands though. There is a multicultural influence with Indians, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans working and living on the resort islands alongside the Maldivians.

From coconut, limes and tuna to roast chicken and swordfish, curry leaves and cloves, Maldives food has the influence of many in its cuisine and plays a part in Maldives’ culture and religion with the celebration of fishing a national holiday and of course the festivities after the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

As an Islamic country fashion and clothing, particularly Maldives clothing is important. With any proud people garments are important for social and religious reasons. Adornments too have a place and during celebrations and festivities the dress of the Maldives people is on display in full colour!

The country of Maldives is like no other. The smallest Muslim nation in the world with some of the finest resorts, beaches and hotels found anywhere. An extraordinary geography, wonderful climate and affectionate people make the confluence of all these great attributes an invitation not to be missed.

As I said at the start… What are you waiting for, pack your bags!

Check out our pages and links for lots of locally sourced and researched information on the Maldives. It is the most extraordinary and beautiful place this country of Maldives!

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