The Climate In Maldives
Reason Enough to Visit

Isn’t the climate in Maldives also the Maldives weather? What’s the difference?

The short answer is none really.

Weather is the daily change and mixture of events that we see and our forecasters predict for us. Climate is the average of this weather behaviour over many years and centuries.

They are indeed the same it’s just the time element that is the difference.

So when you’re told it’s going to be hot and dry all day down on the beach, you’re being told the weather. When you’re told that it’s ‘‘rather warm for this time of year.’’ That’s the climate talking.

For those of us with cold winters between November and March the Maldives is a warm welcome during this time. It is said to be the best time to visit Maldives but here atThe Complete Maldives Holiday Guide Charley and I would never wholly agree with that.

Maldives 10 day weather forecast 01

The Maldives is an all year destination; always has been and the climate in Maldives confirms this. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

The climate in Maldives' averages for temperature, rainfall and humidity are as follows:

• Temperature annual average (high value, daytime)……… 30.43c.

• Temperature annual average (low value, nightime)……… 25.5c.

• Rainfall monthly average ……………………………………………… 162mm

• Humidity daily maximum average…………………………………… 87%

• Humidity daily minimum average…………………………………… 72%

To be more specific for those of you looking for the potential best time to visit Maldives we’ve written up the climate in Maldives like this…

Northeast Monsoon (called the ‘dry’ season) - Is the Maldives weather in December, January, February, March and April which is hot with sea breezes and an average of 5 days with rain at some point on those days from the monthly average rainfall of 2-3 inches.

Southwest Monsoon (called the ‘wet’ season) - Is the Maldives Weather in May, June, July August, September, October and November which is still hot with less sea breeze and an average of 12 days with rain at some point on those days from the monthly average rainfall of 6-8 inches. We've been out there and it's rained each day for 10 consecutive days... but not for each entire day and night - just for part of it.

10 day weather forecast 02

Before you all panic at the liberal use of the word Monsoon I should add that, a monsoon is a seasonal prevailing wind which lasts for several months.

The Northeast monsoon passes over India before spreading out over the Indian Ocean and dissipating.

The Southwest monsoon travels in the opposite direction and arrives on India’s doorstep ready to climb over the land and deposit its accumulated rainfall.

The climate in the Maldives is measured by using a series of two week intervals called Nakaiy. This time period is said to give a clearer prediction of local weather patterns for crop planting and fishing.

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OK, lets not kid ourselves. There is only so much that can be said about the average weather conditions for a country! The weather is what it is!

So you probably won't find any undiscovered information anywhere else on the climate in Maldives.

For those of us used to having four seasons at home, we find the Maldives only has two, even though it feels like one! Hot all year, rain at times, glorious sunshine, constant warm clear blue seas.

It is after all, why we go there... For the Climate in Maldives!

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