Bag A Beach Bungalow
On A Bargain Holiday
Maldives Style!

I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way you can find a bargain holiday to the Maldives…

You’ve searched everywhere and still nothing that sounds remotely like a sniff of a deal.

Well here are some handy hints to help you on your way to spot those elusive tropical bargain holiday Maldives....

Hopefully even those cheap Maldives holidays!

Use the Internet, use different search engines and trawl!

You’ll be surprised to find (as we did) that websites do exist beyond the 3rd page of search engine’s results.

We got a great deal on one of our holidays to the Maldives from a site we found on the 7th page of results. You could even say it was a Maldives bargain holiday!

‘You mean you looked through 7 pages of results!?’ I hear you shriek! Yes. Yes I did. And I mean me, as Phil was preoccupied with a game involving men chasing a ball around a pitch!

So I sat in front of the PC and found a cheap Maldives holiday.

bargain holiday maldives 02 A word to the wise…if you are going to cast your internet far and wide online, be prepared to find many companies that insist they’ve got great prices so ‘‘call and discuss your holiday needs’’… If they had a premium phone number I wouldn’t bother. But if it was a low call rate, I did call.

At first I thought that they would just try and pressure me into buying something that I didn’t want for a price I couldn’t afford. But they didn’t. Several companies asked me about my budget straight away and tried to find a holiday to suit me. I was impressed and Phil will tell you, I don’t do impressed very easily!

And just in case there are still a few charlatans out there, make sure you know your budget before you call and stick to your guns!

Maldives Specialists

On your trawl, you’ll come across independent travel companies who specialise in vacations to the Maldives. Don’t be afraid to make contact! So long as they have their accreditations (ABTA and ATOL etc) then your money and your holiday are protected. We’ve used companies like these and found great bargains.

bargain holiday maldives 03

3 Star Resorts

Yep you’ve guessed it, some of the best bargain holidays to the Maldives can be found at resorts with a 3-star rating. As you’ll have seen from our cheap all-inclusive page, there isn’t a great deal of difference between 3-star resorts and 4-star resorts so you will still holiday in style… Maldives style!

Hmm… want a 5-star bargain holiday to the Maldives…? If you’ve got a bigger budget for your holiday, then you can find discounts for these resorts too.

Departure Dates

Many holidays to the Maldives will have a departure date that falls on the weekend - because it's a long-haul destination. Dates during the week can be a cheaper, so if your commitments allow for this, why not try a Monday – Friday departure date to bag a bargain holiday to the Maldives?

Late Deals and Last Minute Holidays

For those of you who don’t mind booking your Maldives Holiday quite late or last minute (I have to hold my hands up here) you can often find a bargain holiday to the Maldives… but remember that late deals and last minute holidays to the Maldives are not the same as last minute holidays to short haul destinations as there tends to be fewer holidays available.

You can book your Maldives Holiday or Honeymoon with our choice of specialist Maldives travel agents right here! ABTA and ATOL bonded with over a 150 years of travel experience between them. Our partners simply have the best range of Maldives Holidays to offer, from half-board to All Inclusive

Kuoni's Maldives Holiday Offers

Holidays Please Maldives Holiday Offers

Monarch Maldives Holiday Offers

Contact them for your best time to visit the Maldives,
you won't be disappointed!

So there you have it. These are some of the best ways to find a bargain holiday to the Maldives. It’s not rocket science, it’s more about being flexible when you book, when you leave and where you find your travel company. If you can do that, then you are bound to bag a bargain holiday to the Maldives.

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