The All Inclusive Holiday Maldives Inside Story…

The all inclusive holiday in the Maldives is different to other all inclusive packages…

But then the Maldives is different to other vacation destinations!

When choosing to go all-inclusive (no matter the destination), it’s just as important to know what is excluded from your holiday package as well as what is included!

So what do you get in an all-inclusive holiday in the Maldives? One way of making sure you get the package that’s right for you is to first decide what it is you’d like to do on your holiday. It may sound obvious, but the Maldives offers such a wide range of inclusive deals, from diving packages to tour packages, that what you book will depend on what you want... so plan ahead.

You’ll have guessed that in a all inclusive holiday Maldives package, the flights and transfers from Malé International Airport are included. Transfers will automatically be by speedboat, but you can always arrange to get to your chosen island resort by seaplane at an additional cost.

Maldives all inclusive holidays

Food and drink are also included – “of course” you say, but here’s the thing; the all inclusive drinks list varies from resort to resort. Water, hot beverages, soft drinks and alcohol – including well known brands of beer and cocktails are also included…

and of course these are all unlimited…but follow the top tip and ask when you book (as a few hotels don’t include cocktails as part of the holiday package)... and we can't be having that can we!

And if you don’t drink, or you really love your cocktail, you could choose a half board holiday option (but these rarely come with any activities included).

One of our all inclusive holidays to the Maldives was at Kuramathi Village. We found that there were only a handful of alcoholic drinks that were not part of the all inclusive package, like Courvoisier and vintage wine… this didn’t bother us as there was so much variety and when we didn’t fancy a night at the bar, we just took a carafe of house wine back to our bungalow and enjoyed it on our veranda.

If drinks are important, then always ask about this when you book your all inclusive holiday to the Maldives.

If you get hungry between meals, most resorts have a café where all inclusive guests can get light snacks. Snacks will usually be from a separate menu of sandwiches, cakes and drinks. A wider variety of snacks are available at an extra cost, but our experience is that there is enough variety on the all inclusive snack menu to satisfy even the choosiest of snackers.

Most islands have more than one restaurant. As an all inclusive guest you’ll be advised of the specific restaurant where your meals are part of the all inclusive vacation package. Great. But if you fancy a change of venue you can always try one of the other speciality restaurants…

… So if you’d like to experience a full range of Thai or Indian cuisines then away you go…Or perhaps the outdoor grill barbeque would be your next stop. To eat at these you will have to pay, but the good news is that as an added bonus…

• Some resorts give you discounts for dining at the speciality restaurants

• These restaurants are not expensive – we’ve had a three course meal of authentic Thai cuisine and including the drinks paid around $50 in total

Whatever your fancy, you will always find food that you enjoy at your resort.

And if you are not spending all your time sampling the wonderful food on your all inclusive holiday in the Maldives then perhaps you are discovering the aquatic side of the Maldives…

Maldives underwater … If you love to snorkel and don’t have your own equipment, then always check whether this is included in your package as if it isn’t you will have two choices...

• You can hire it at your resort at a charge of $7-$20 per day per item – that’s right per item: snorkel, mask and flippers….

• You can buy your own snorkel gear before you go…which could end up being cheaper, especially if you’re going for two weeks.

So if you love snorkelling make sure you know whether the equipment is included as part of your all inclusive holiday in the Maldives – ask when you book.

… Buying or hiring your snorkel equipment won’t matter too much if you've booked yourself onto a all inclusive holiday to the Maldives that comes with daily snorkel safaris.

On these Maldives vacation packages a speedboat arrives each day to take you to snorkel the awe inspiring coral reefs found further away from your island, where you can discover the breathtaking underwater Maldives. A place where there are fish that look like parrots and reef sharks (teeny weeny things!) that swim by your toes (without nibbling them off!). With these packages, this will all be at no extra charge.

And as for you divers, if your Maldives holiday package is specifically for diving then you too will have all the equipment you need to discover the azure vault that is the Indian Ocean.

If your all inclusive holiday in the Maldives doesn’t include diving equipment then worry not. Many of the resorts have dive centres where you can hire diving equipment inexpensively - these are generally owned and managed separately from the resort itself and have websites where you can check out rates and what is offered before you book.

And if you’ve never dived before, you can even get your feet wet – quite literally - by going on an introductory scuba diving course.

I have to come clean and admit that we did this and loved it! The cost was cheaper than other diving holiday destinations that we had looked at… And if all of this seems like too much hassle on your relaxing vacation then you be pleased to know that other watersports are often part of your holiday package, so you can pick a pedaloe, canoe or windsurf and sail off into the sunset…

... Speaking of sunset, did we mention that many resorts offer sunset cruises as part of your Maldives all inclusive holiday? We didn’t? Well then sit back and relax... which is basically what you’ll do on the cruise.

Sunset over Kuramathi island

Imagine... It's late afternoon, you'll board a speedboat and be whisked away to glimpse neighbouring islands or perhaps the flying dolphins… then the engine is turned off and anchor released as you watch the most magnificent sunset you have ever seen – if you can’t imagine it check out our gallery pages to see just a few of the spectacular images that Phil captured on our sunset cruise… they are majestic.

If you really don’t want to head back to your resort after the sunset, then stay aboard and enjoy a night-time fishing excursion! Many resorts offer this as part of the holiday package.

But if this isn’t for you, no worries. There are island hopping and shopping excursions too. So if you think the grass is greener – or rather the sand whiter – on a neighbouring island, you’ll have the chance to find out!

So, this is what you can get on an all inclusive holiday in the Maldives – I need a vacation after just thinking about it all!

And think about it you should.

Don’t over estimate what’s included in your holiday and don’t underestimate it either.

We’ve heard of many people either missing out on cruises and excursions because they didn’t go through the itinerary when they booked the holiday or being surprised to find out that a specific excursion was not part of the package.

You can book your Maldives Holiday or Honeymoon with our choice of specialist Maldives travel agents right here! ABTA and ATOL bonded with decades of travel experience between them. Our partners simply have the best range of Maldives Holidays to offer, from half-board to All Inclusive

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To make sure you know what you can expect always, always read the descriptions if you are booking online or better still, call up and ask.

Whatever Maldives holiday packages you choose, you will find that the Maldives is unlike any other holiday destination you’ve experienced…

… The beaches are never crowded, the accommodation is unique and the service is exceptional.

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