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We’ve been getting quite a few questions on accommodation in the Maldives so we thought that instead of sending back lots of individual responses (Charley has a typing speed of 80+ wpm but even she can’t keep up with the requests!) we thought we’d put together some quick hitters for you. So here goes…

• Most beach and water villas are wheelchair accessible**

• All rooms come with air conditioning as standard

• All rooms come with small refrigerators as standard (except for Sun Island where you can hire one)

• Rooms have bathroom towels and beach towels (except for Sun Island where you have to bring your own beach towels!)

• Rooms have phones and safes (where there aren’t safes, reception will have a safety deposit box)

• All villas in the Maldives require adapters for three pin plugs

• The vast majority of villas on 3 star resorts don’t come with TVs or CD players

Satellite TVs can be found on many 4 star resorts, but it can be hit and miss, so if it’s vital to see that last episode of Desperate Housewives, then check the hotel details when you book

• All rooms in the Maldives are cleaned twice a day

• All bathrooms have hot and cold water for showers

• Villas in the Maldives come with an outdoor seating area even if you’re in one of the few two storey buildings you’ll get a balcony

• Speaking of buildings only about four of the 80+ resorts have hotel buildings of two storeys. The rest are all villas with thatched roofs

• Villas in the Maldives don’t have internet access as standard

• Hotels in the Maldives don’t have tea and coffee making facilities as standard

• Villas in the Maldives don’t come with ironing facilities but all resorts offer laundry and iron services

**This doesn’t apply to resorts that have two storey hotel buildings and some villas have different levels inside so check this out when booking.

The topest tip of them all is as always, read all the details when you book online or check with your travel agent.

Why not let us know about any other questions or top tips about hotels in the Maldives and we’ll update this page!

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