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Initially we were stumped on what to say for our About Us page.

 Maldives Holidays

We began by wondering what we looked for when going to “about us” pages on sites and came up with simply wanting to know a bit more about who was providing us with what we were searching for… Putting a personality to the otherwise impersonal web… Finding a human pulse within the pages…

So brace yourselves folks and read About Us!

Charley and Phil have a passion for The Maldives. It might make a good page if we could say what exciting lives we lead, but candour is the best policy…. I suppose… So you could say a page about us isn’t necessary since we obviously love these Maldives island resorts and want everyone to know, visit and respect them for the beautiful tropical islands they are.

We both live and work in London, England: Regular jobs from Monday to Friday, Phil loves his motorbike and Charley loves her niece.

We don’t jet around the world (wish we did!), we’re ordinary folk who holiday when possible and enjoy bank holiday weekend breaks.

Phil has spent a time in Holland and has cousins in Spain, so he likes to hang out there for a few days each year.

The Maldives is a departure for him. He’s always been a traveller’s traveller, filling his notebooks with sketches, stories and anecdotes. He’s more used to sitting outside a restaurant, painting the façade then taking the picture inside to cadge a free meal! Phil has walked many paths and spent time in the company of an eclectic mix of people.

Not one to sit still, Charley took to chilling out with a few water sports on Maldives island resorts with aplomb! Who knew she could actually sit still and relax (or rather lie still and tan).

Now, Charley’s a researcher through and through. If you need anything found she is the one to find it, I kid you not. Always up for a challenge she now works somewhere, doing something but is never quite clear about what or for whom

She's a fantastic face painter so the kids always crowd her at her niece’s school. Charley loves Canada, especially those wide-open spaces where only the trees and mountains crowd you. She asks me to inform you all that more than this she is not willing to volunteer… Yet!

The Maldives is destination with a difference - it's not just the distance from everywhere else, but the set up of scores of holiday islands that really are authentic islands with all the lush tropical growth and creatures you'd expect from palm trees to sting ray (in the ocean and not the accommodation!)

Hopefully this site will help you take the leap to find a small corner of the earth that is far more breathtakingly astonishing than any website could ever portray.

Take the leap, you'll love it.

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