Pictures of Maldives Made Easy,
The Digital Way

For taking the best pictures of Maldives The Complete Maldives Holiday Guide recommends the following camera tips … and once you're done reading see if there's a camera you may fancy. Phil took all the pictures on this site with a Canon and Nikon D40.


Check the default white balance setting for your camera. This is usually set on auto which is fine for most shots but tends give a cool look to a image. Your manual will show you how to set the white balance easily. This adjustment is like putting a mild warming filter on your camera. It can result in warmer pictures with more depth.


A polarizer is a filter recommended for general outdoor shooting. By reducing glare and reflections, polarized shots give you richer and more drenched colours, especially in the sky.

What's that you say? Your digital camera can't accommodate filters? Don't despair. If you have a pair of quality sunglasses, then simply take them off and use them as your polarizing filter. Place the glasses as close to the camera lens as possible, then check their position in the viewfinder to make sure you don't have the rims in the shot.

Maldives Sunset01

Taking Portraits Outdoors

One of the great hidden features on digital cameras is the fill flash or flash on mode. By taking control of the flash so it goes on when you want it to, not when the camera decides it’s appropriate, you've just taken an important step toward capturing a great portrait.

In ‘flash on’ mode, the camera exposes the background area first, then adds just enough flash to illuminate your subject. The result is professional looking pictures of Maldives landscapes. Guess what… wedding photographers have been using this technique for years.

Try placing your subject in the shade under a tree, then use the flash to illuminate them. This keeps them comfortable and cool with no squinting eyes from the sun. Remember though, most built-in camera flashes only have a range of 10 feet or less so don't stand too far away when using fill flash outdoors.

Close Ups

Look for the close up, or macro icon on your camera housing. It’s usually a flower symbol. Once you've found a subject to your liking, get in close hold the shutter button down halfway to allow the camera to focus.

When the camera’s confirmation light comes on, press the shutter the rest of the way down to record the image. You may want to use the self-timer for this type of shot to avoid shutter movement.

Maldives Sunrise02

Memory Card

If you have a 4 mega-pixel camera, get at least a 512mb card, and a1Gb card for 6 mega-pixels and over. Shooting at high resolution is important for good pictures with digital. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to squeeze more images on your memory card by shooting at a lower resolution and low quality compression settings. Your memory card is like a reusable photo album. Don’t be afraid to invest in a couple of larger memory cards. You will use them!

The Tripod & Self Timer

I’ve one thing to say on this. Get one! Now there are a number of light compact tripods on the market that can fit into a pocket so there’s really no excuse. A tripod is essential for steady shots, level horizons and of course utilising the self-timer.

Speaking of which, use that self-timer! It prevents heavy handed shots when trying to use longer exposures and more importantly for many, you no longer have to be absent from pictures again.

At the time you don’t think about it, but there’s nothing more heartbreaking than looking back at your pictures of Maldives, outstanding for their vibrant colour, showing your great photographic skill and find everyone in them except you!

And finally...

My best Maldives Photo advice for digital cameras is…. experiment and keep experimenting. Go for it! With our pictures of Maldives information and your good eye the photos you take will be a constant reminder of wonderful times in the spectacular Maldivian Islands.

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