Maldives Vacation Packages Unwrapped

What Maldives vacation packages are available?

We’ve used this section to look at the different types of board options for your Maldives holiday. With Maldives vacations we've found that the general rules you apply to most European destinations don’t always apply in the Maldives… So here goes...

… There are roughly three Maldives vacation packages to choose from. Which you choose will be based on what you want as well as what’s on offer at that particular resort… as you’ll already have guessed, a straight forward holiday or vacation package is not the same as an all inclusive package.

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So what do Maldives vacation packages actually include?

Standard Maldives vacation packages will always include your flight, your accommodation and then a choice of meal plan.

Meal plans…? Yep meal plans. There are three standard options in the Maldives...

Bed and breakfast

Half board (two meals, usually breakfast and lunch)

Full board – three meals a day no snacks included

If you only want a flight and a room – no meal plan, then it’s a travel package for you. If you want to stay at a series of different islands then you'll need a tour package and there are a handful of travel companies that offer both these types of breaks.

So, back to meal plans, bed and breakfast is pretty straightforward; it does what it says on the tin.

And so are the half board and full board options. Like an all inclusive package, you’ll be allocated a specific restaurant and if you wish to eat at any of the other restaurants at the resort, you’ll have to pay a supplement.

What's in a Meal Plan?

You ought to know that some Maldives vacation packages will only include the drinks that you consume with your food… Sounds fine you say… Well, we didn’t think so when we attempted to take our half full bottle of water with us when we finished breakfast.

The board options usually mean that only food and drink that is consumed at your table is part of the package. You can’t take any with you for later, even if it’s part of the meal you’re eating but can’t finish… and though we understand this stops people ordering drinks and consuming them in their rooms so they don’t have to buy anything from the bar, this can feel a little restrictive.

You might wonder who’d want to choose any of the Maldives vacation packages since all the meals aren’t included; well it takes all sorts! And there are all sorts of holidays for all sorts of people. Some holiday makers prefer the idea that their breakfast and/or lunch are prearranged, but that they can eat their third meal elsewhere…

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… This we can relate to, the first time we went all inclusive to the Maldives, we felt obliged to eat each and every meal, yep three square meals in the Maldives each and every day. This was despite the fact that in hot weather Phil and I tend to eat a lot less…

… After the third day, we couldn’t do it. We just weren’t hungry enough. So we decided to skip one meal a day…

Initially despite my normal laissez faire approach to things, I found the prospect of missing a meal a bit difficult to come to terms with (and I firmly believe this was because I inherited this way of thinking from my Mother's "haggle with the cashier in John Lewis" approach to "wasting money") as I suddenly found myself thinking… we should eat every meal because we’ve paid for it!

Thankfully Phil talked my down from that ledge and we continued to skip a meal a day… so for us a half board option would have been ideal.

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Are Activities Included?

There are a few other basic rules that apply to Maldives vacation packages…

You’ll have to pay for any activity you take part in, so if you love snorkelling and don’t have your own equipment, check that your chosen resort has a dive shop where you can hire equipment. If it doesn’t or you’d rather have your own, then why not buy before you go which could end up being cheaper, especially if you’re going for two weeks as resorts can charge $7-$20 per day per item – that’s right per item; snorkel, mask and flippers…

You’ll also have to pay for any of the other watersports available… but the good news is that activities like table tennis should still be free.

One more thing… in the all inclusive article we talked about the different sorts of excursions that are included… Well, you’ve guessed it, you’ll have to pay for these too on a standard Maldives vacation package...

The Benefits of These Options

… Hmm maybe Maldives vacation packages aren’t sounding so good, but we couldn’t tell you the pros without telling you the cons… and the good things are…

More choice in where you eat. As most resorts have more than one restaurant, you won’t feel guilty about eating at the speciality restaurants if you haven’t chosen to go full board as you won’t have paid for all your meals.

And more choice in the island you choose. That’s right, there are far more resorts islands that offer bed and breakfast, half board and full board options than there are that offer all inclusive holidays. In fact there are some resorts that don’t offer all inclusive packages at all, whilst others allow you (at a supplement of course) to convert from a full board option to an all inclusive option.

Our advice; do the sums. Look at your budget for your holiday and then decide what makes the most financial sense for you.

If it’s a once in a lifetime trip or cost isn’t a concern choose from any of the Maldives vacation packages that take your fancy and splash out!!
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