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Maldives Travel packages are not the same as all-inclusive holidays to the Maldives or Maldives vacation packages. Yikes, even I’m confused and I haven’t started talking about it yet!

Don’t we just book something and go? Come on… how hard can it be? Well, a holiday well chosen is money invested (and you can quote me on that if you like!).

It's worth going through and explaining so stick around for a moment or two…

In the tourism industry, the general rule is that travel packages differ from all inclusive options because travel packages are mainly about getting there and the roof over your head once you’ve arrived.

Clear so far? Ok let’s move on…

For a holiday to be considered a travel package it must be sold at a single inclusive price - so if you’re planning a Maldives travel package you shouldn’t be quoted separate prices for the transport and hotel – it is a single price for both and it must be pre-arranged.

So, you’re not being persuaded to hire a twin propeller pre-war airplane, ditch in the sea near an atoll then swim ashore, build a shelter and fend for yourselves for a week or two….

In a nutshell travel packages are for room only. Although a number of operators will use this phrase as a catch all for half-board, bed and breakfast and even full board. These are not true travel packages but obviously if the price is right then you benefit from food too!

The important guidelines are that travel packages should include two of the following elements.

• Transport

• Accommodation

• Other tourist services (not supplementary to transport or accommodation) which make up a significant part of the package, such as a tour guide – cruises often fall into this category.

Maldives travel packages1

Hmm… what if you get hungry? As you can see, the rules above don’t include meals or drinks or activities of any kind – that means excursions and day trips to you and me.

This is essentially why a travel package is not the same as an all inclusive option or vacation package.
In our tips and advice sections we talk about ways to make the most of what’s on offer when it comes to food and its availability.

Whilst drinking water can be considered expensive in the Maldives, the food often isn’t. If you’re only staying for a week then this might work out to be a savvy way of enjoying a holiday in the Maldives…

…But travel packages are not for the faint hearted and certainly not recommended if you…

• Have not been to the Maldives before or

• Don’t have sufficient financial resources to cover the cost of your food and drink, just because you don’t eat much, doesn’t mean the cost won’t mount up.

So why choose Maldives travel packages over all inclusive holidays? Perhaps you don’t like the idea of things being predictable and you’d prefer for your holiday to unfold when you get there… Perchance you like holidays that feel off the beaten track…

You enjoy the easy laziness of unwinding to the sound of the waves rushing over the sand, the palms shimmering in a breeze.

You wake up deciding that morning how the day will unfold with no pressure to change your mind.

How hard can that be? That’s part of The Maldives lifestyle…

If you think that Maldives travel packages sound like the thing for you, always remember to find out if your transfer from Male airport is included in the package.

We hope that Maldives travel packages have become a little clearer and you are now a step closer to deciding how you would like to stay in the Maldives islands and not just where…

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