Fly Low On A
Maldives Seaplane

Maldives Seaplane? Speedboat? No matter how you get to Malé International airport, your next step will be to get your transfer to the resort you booked.

Landing at Malé airport is the end of the first stage of your journey. Now you get to travel by boat, seaplane or domestic transfer to your island resort.

If you didn’t already know, most holidays automatically come with a speedboat transfer to your island resort - unless of course the island can only be accessed by seaplanes.

If your Maldives vacation doesn’t come with a seaplane transfer then you can always ask your travel agent about the seaplane transfer option when you book your holiday – transfers by seaplane will always cost extra from around $100 per person even if you have chosen an all inclusive holiday to the Maldives.

Why Choose a Maldives Seaplane Transfer

- You are off to a resort which is further a field – like Sun Island, which is a three hour journey by speedboat.

- You are off to a resort where you can only go by seaplane like Coco Palm Maldives Dhuni Kolhu.

Maldives Seaplane

- You love the idea of flying at low level to take in a bird’s eye view of the lagoons and islands including the shadows of those that have disappeared under the sea – this is Phil’s excuse!

- You want to get there as soon as possible and can’t wait any longer (also Phil’s excuse)!

And although it’s all pretty much plain sailing – or rather plane flying – there are just a few things to remember if you choose a seaplane transfer…

Limitations of Maldives Seaplane Transfers

- Your luggage will be taken by speedboat to your chosen Maldives island resort… so you will arrive before it does (this is why Charley is not a fan of seaplane transfers).

- Seaplane transfers don’t always happen immediately; sometimes you can wait several hours before boarding the flight.

- And most importantly of all Maldives seaplanes only fly during daylight hours, so if you arrive at Malé after sunset, you’ll stay overnight at a Malé hotel.

Check the weather pages for the best time take a seaplane.

If you do choose a Maldives Seaplane Transfer, then remember…

- Take your swimwear, sunglasses, sun lotion and flip flops in your hand luggage as your main luggage will arrive by boat!

- Don’t forget your camera for some wonderful aerial shots of the islands.

- Remember to keep your camera with you as on the seaplane hand luggage is stowed to the rear of the aircraft, not under the seat or overhead.

How To Book Your Seaplane Transfer

If you’ve already booked your holidays in the Maldives and haven’t chosen the seaplane option, it’s not too late to change your mind. Once you arrive at Malé you can ask about the seaplane transfers at the respective desks of the Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways. The services are largely identical, with both flying DHC-6 Twin Otter seaplanes that take around 10 passengers.

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If you think that a seaplane transfer in the Maldives is a like a private express club where you’ll be ushered off, ahead of the newly arriving holiday makers, then think again…

It’s simply another way of travelling to your resort and is part of your Maldives vacation.

If you don’t like flying, then they’re probably not the best mode of transport but if you get sea sick, they're a great alternative and you’ll enjoy the ride and the stunning scenery.

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