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Maldives photos I hear you query…..

“I just want a holiday in the Maldives. Pictures can wait… “

What’s that you say? Just pick up a disposable camera at the airport?

“Buy a couple of postcards”… I hear you mutter

Well, news just in my travelling friend…. The postcard doesn’t capture it! The Maldives has to be one of the few holiday destinations where the reality outstrips the imagery you see on cards and in books.

Whatever you do don’t miss out on recording on digital, or on film, the awe inspiring pictures of Maldives landscapes all around you. A disposable camera can only get you so far. Postcards are for greetings. Your pictures are for remembering.

maldives sunset ari atoll september 07

For truly unforgettable Maldives photos you need something that gives you a few more options. A digital camera does just that.

Digital allows you the facility of a conventional film camera with the rather handy addition of being able to take a picture and if you don’t like it, delete and take another. It also allows you to merrily click away knowing that the memory card is storing all the shots you take for you to edit later.

I’ve taken all the images of the Maldives on this site with a Canon Power shot A95 (from Jessops the specialists that Phil swears by!). It has served me well for a few years…I wasn’t always this good, but developed a checklist and camera tips to make sure that I could take stunning photos of the Maldives….…Now and I continue to get really rich shots that come alive in print or on screen.

I've added a Nikon D40 to my collection and a waterproof housing for the A95. A perfect cost effective solution to taking stunning underwater pictures when diving or snorkeling. Check out the Jessops site at the top of the page to see what's in the market for you. Any variation on the D40 will suit a beginner. Point and click!

With the advent of digital cameras it is now possible for all of us to take not just good but spectacular pictures of Maldives. Combine that with the magnificent scenery of the Maldives atolls and you have beautiful images captured on digital by you!

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