The Maldives
Car Rental Myth

I’m going to be as gentle as possible whilst I explain the Maldives car rental myth.

We want to ask you a series of simple straightforward questions about car hire in the Maldives, please answer yes or no...

• Have you ever seen a brochure or postcard of the Maldives with a car in it?

• Have you ever heard of the Maldives Formula 1 racing team?

• Have you read in the news recently about the petrol queues in the Maldives due to the high cost of oil?

• Finally, they drive on the right side of the beach in the Maldives, don’t they?

If you’ve answered ‘‘no’’ to all of the above, you’ll know exactly why we’ve called it the Maldives Car Rental Myth.

If you’ve answered ‘‘yes’’… you’ve lied. I’m sorry but you have to laugh because there is no car rental in the Maldives, cheap or otherwise.

Dude, where's my car?

I know, I know, it must be frustrating. You’ve searched high and low online for Maldives car rental companies and found none.

You’ve come across sites that claim to offer car rental in the Maldives or even cheap car rental in the Maldives.

After you’ve tapped the magic words ‘‘Maldives car rental’’ into a search engine and clicked through to the sites, you find that for some strange reason, they do not currently offer car rental in the Maldives… But if you’d like to rent a car in Madrid, then fill out the form below…

None of us have got time for this, so you needn’t search for it.

All you need to know is that there are no cars in the Maldives except…

Some of the larger islands resorts have a minivan or golf buggy that can ferry you from one end of the island to the other if you don’t fancy a stroll… Especially handy when you fall out of the bar at 1AM and think to yourself ‘‘now where did I leave my bungalow?’’

Islands like Equator Village have bicycles available and you can use these to explore 18km of tropical islands linked by causeways…but other than this, there are definitely, unequivocally, most assuredly no Maldives car rental companies!

OK, OK, we admit, there are taxis on Malé,

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but as one of the most densely populated cities in the world and somewhere you can circumnavigate on foot in about 45 minutes, why bother looking for car hire?

If all we’ve said isn’t enough to convince you that the next world rally championship is not in fact going to be held on a Maldivian island the size of a football pitch, how do you think you are ever going to get out of second gear?

We rest our case…!

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