Cheap All Inclusive Holidays Maldives Style…

We know what you’re thinking: Cheap all inclusive holidays Maldives is not a phrase that exists; And technically it doesn’t, but enough about bad grammar.

We realise that what is expensive to one person isn’t the same for another…

So really this page is more about...
The lowest cost Maldives all inclusive holidays...
What you can expect and the resorts that tend to offer them.

Cheap all inclusive holidays in the Maldives are not the same as other cheap package holidays. You get more than you expect on budget holidays in these here tropical parts. You won’t get a bed in a corridor (really, you still get a room), it won’t mean crowded beaches and there will certainly be no wearing of special wristbands that indicate to restaurant or bar staff that you’re only supposed to order drinks from a specific menu!

Speaking of which, you won’t get poor food either.

You still get to eat both buffet and a la carte in the main restaurant, with all drinks as part of your package.

Just make sure you apply the same rules to cheap all inclusive holidays in the Maldives as you do to other inclusive packages.

Ask your travel agent about what’s included in the holiday when you book and read the descriptions on the websites.

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The great thing about a Maldives holiday package is that even if you book it cheaply, you can still be sure to have spacious accommodation be it bungalow or villa, set in lush tropical surroundings that can be just steps from the beach… bliss.

Unlike other places, you get more than what you pay for with cheap all inclusive holidays to the Maldives!

As you’ve probably guessed we love the Maldives, which is why we go back. We’ve done pricey, we’ve done cheap, we’ve done luxury, we’ve done basic and since we are passionate about these tiny drops of holiday happiness in the Indian Ocean, we get asked a lot of questions… mainly around the cost. The Maldives is exotic and for some (including us before we went) exotic meant ‘out of our reach’ so when we said it needn’t cost the earth we would be asked…

• How cheap is cheap?

• How do you find a cheap all inclusive Maldives holiday?

• What kinds of resorts do cheap deals?

• What if I want a budget break where I can sprinkle luxuries on top?

• What kinds of activities are included?

And the answers would be…

Cheap All Inclusive for the Maldives is usually anything from $1,200 (US dollars) for 7 nights (you can use a converter to check what the amount would be in different currencies). Now I know these figures don’t apply to everyone so I need you to stick with me and agree on the averages I use… please!

Now when Phil first told me he’d found a Maldives all inclusive holiday costing £900 each for two weeks he could see I wasn’t impressed… after all, I’d been to Corfu for two weeks all inclusive for £250… yes I did get food poisoning and yes the room did have the occasional cockroach or 13, but darn it! It was cheap!

cheap all inclusive holidays Maldives 03

It’s because you won’t get this poor standard of service that cheap all inclusive holidays in the Maldives, do not come dirt cheap, but rather Maldives cheap…

The most opulent all inclusive holiday we’ve found is to a 5-star resort for $6,500 per person for 7 nights.

The thing to remember is that a low cost holiday to the Maldives doesn't mean second-rate service. You'll still receive exceptional treatment from the staff and have access to the resort facilities.

Some resorts have spa facilities that are specifically for guests who have paid for an exclusive luxury holiday. The warm Indian Ocean and main swimming pools will have to do for you!

Just how do you find cheap all inclusive holidays? Maldives breaks always seem to cost more than other tropical destinations. A lower costing Maldives vacation package can pretty much be found in two ways:

• By booking a last minute holiday or late deal to the Maldives

• By searching for resorts that tend to cost less, which are usually the 3-star resorts

• And by searching through all the lesser known travel companies to see what’s on offer

OK technically that’s three ways, but the last one can be quite time consuming and not always convenient. So if you have the time, go for it and if you don’t, the first two are your best bet.

If none of the above suits you, then simply use the web as a resource, Teletext if you have it and of course, the good old fashioned shop window of a Travel Agent.

What about booking direct with the resort? Ah, that old ‘‘cut out the middleman and cut down the price’’ chestnut. You can try… but I wouldn’t hold my breath. My four Es about the Maldives are that it’s…

• Expensive

• Exotic

• Exclusive

• Expensive

OK technically those are three Es but I just wanted to emphasise the point.

As a long haul destination that offers such unique accommodation and meets every tourist’s idea of a tropical paradise, it is always slightly higher in price than other destinations.

We’ve often found that trying to book direct can cost more than using an agent but again; don’t let this stop you from trying.

Once you’ve found your cheap all inclusive holidays to the Maldives, if you are feeling brave you can always call up the travel company and ask if there is any way they can reduce the price further. We’ve done this and it’s worked... money saved booking, is money that can be spent on shopping excursions!

For our last trip in September after we found the holiday for one price on a site we then rang another travel agent, told them about this price and they reduced our tickets by £70 each. That’s about $300 which is your PADI Diving Course or your a la carte evening meals for a week! Now that's what we call the benefit of hunting down cheap Maldives holidays

cheap all inclusive holidays Maldives 02

"Can I get cheap all inclusive holidays in the Maldives at a Hilton hotel?" I hear you ask. A resounding "no" is the answer, unless of course you’re planning on spending a minimum of $3,000 per person for a 7-night stay…

Ok, you may find a special offer for $600 dollars for 7 nights, but this doesn’t include anything else; no flights, no transfers, no food, nada!

Don’t be fooled, a Hilton hotel in the Maldives will be like a Hilton hotel anywhere else in the world. If you budget for that, you’ll have a fantastic holiday…

… And if you’re not interested in budgeting then hooray for cheap all inclusive holidays to the Maldives! The good news is there are a handful of resorts that tend to be lower in price than others, like Equator Village, Kuramathi Village and Biaydhoo . These are all 3-star hotels and you will find that the cheapest all inclusive deals will have this star rating as a minimum…and as this is the Maldives, 3-star often feels like 4-star…

…In fact the main differences between standard rooms in a 4-star hotel and that of a 3-star hotel may only be tea and coffee making facilities, a minibar and a CD player. Again cheap Maldives holidays can deceive the eye (but relieve wallet pressure!) with the added extras you didn't expect!

On a 3-star island you’ll still have full use of the resort café and bar. You can choose to take advantage of a low cost vacation package by spending the money saved on other more luxurious activities…

…Being on a budget package won’t stop you from getting your PADI qualification or experiencing Ayurveda massage or other luxury spa treatments.

Go ahead, treat yourself… you’ve saved on your holiday so it really won’t break the bank… and if you think it will, worry not, because you’ll also get to enjoy great excursions like sunset cruises, snorkel safaris, island hopping and night fishing included in the price of your cheap all inclusive holidays Maldives package…

… That’s what you get with cheap all inclusive holidays Maldives style… where else could you pay a bargain price and still receive 5-star treatment?

You can book your Maldives Holiday or Honeymoon with our choice of specialist Maldives travel agents right here! ABTA and ATOL bonded with decades of travel experience between them. Our partners simply have the best range of Maldives Holidays to offer, from half-board to All Inclusive

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